February 2, 2023

Aptos Testnet Faucet – How to Get Testnet APT from an Aptos Faucet

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Title - Aptos Testnet Faucet on the Moralis Faucet page

Do you need testnet APT for your Aptos development endeavors? If so, follow along as this article demonstrates how to get tokens using an Aptos testnet faucet in no time! All you need to do is follow the three straightforward steps below

  1. Get an Aptos-Compatible Web3 Wallet – Create a new Aptos-compatible Web3 wallet and download the provider’s browser extension (we will use Petra Wallet throughout this tutorial).
  1. Connect to the Aptos Testnet – Connect to the Aptos testnet by clicking on “Settings,” “Network,” and finally selecting “Testnet”: 
MetaMask module adding the Aptos Testnet
  1. Get Tokens Using an Aptos Testnet Faucet – Go to the Moralis testnet faucet page by clicking on the ”Get Testnet Funds” link above. From there, navigate to the Aptos testnet faucet by clicking on ”Try Now”: 
Four testnet faucets outlined on the faucet page from Moralis, including the Aptos testnet faucet plus the Try Now button

Next, sign in, connect your wallet, and click on ”ACTIVATE FAUCET”: 

Aptos Faucet landing page with the title - Get Testnet APT and the activate faucet button

That’s it; this is how easy it is to get testnet APT from an Aptos faucet. From here, you can now use your newly acquired testnet APT tokens to start developing your own Aptos projects! 

If you have any questions, feel free to join us in this tutorial as we cover the steps above in further detail! 


In today’s tutorial, we will demonstrate how to get testnet APT from an Aptos faucet in three steps: 

  1. Get an Aptos-Compatible Web3 Wallet
  2. Connect to the Aptos Testnet
  3. Get Tokens Using an Aptos Testnet Faucet

If you are eager to start, click here to jump immediately into the central part of the tutorial!

If you want to build and deploy dapps on Aptos, you must put your projects through crucial testing phases on the network’s testnet. This keeps the network secure, and you can save resources as you do not need to commit “real” APT tokens to pay for transactions on the mainnet during the development phase. However, you still need to pay for transactions on the testnet, which is where Aptos faucets enter the picture. Through an Aptos faucet, you can effortlessly get free APT to pay for testnet transactions. 

If this sounds interesting and you want to learn how faucets work, join us in this tutorial as we cover the process of getting testnet APT from start to finish! 

Now, if you are unfamiliar with Aptos and need more context, the second half of the article is dedicated to exploring the network and testnet faucets further. This is the place to start if you want to learn the basics of Aptos or need to refreshen your memory regarding the network.

Once you complete the tutorial, you are ready to start building Aptos projects. If this is your ambition, consider checking out the Web3 APIs from Moralis. For example, with the Streams API, which you can use to stream on-chain data directly into the backend of your Aptos projects via Web3 webhooks

If this sounds exciting, you should also know that you can sign up with Moralis for free, allowing you to fully leverage the power of blockchain technology! 

How to Get Testnet APT from an Aptos Faucet 

In the following subsections of the article, we will break down the entire process of getting testnet APT from an Aptos faucet. To show you how this works, we will be using the Aptos-compatible Web3 wallet called Petra Wallet! 

Title - Petra Wallet

Petra Wallet is one of many alternatives that work on the Aptos network. Other honorable mentions are Fewcha, Martian, Pontema, and Rise. So, if you prefer any of these options and want to use one of them instead, you can still follow along. 

Also, if you are interested in other blockchain networks, you should know that our Web3 blog features similar guides for other networks alike. For example, you can learn how to get testnet FTM or explore how to get testnet LINK

That said, join us as we jump straight into the first step and show you how to get an Aptos-compatible Web3 wallet! 

Step 1: Get an Aptos-Compatible Web3 Wallet 

In this initial Aptos testnet faucet tutorial step, we will show you how to get an Aptos-compatible Web3 wallet. More specifically, we will illustrate how to get testnet APT from an Aptos faucet using Petra Wallet. As such, if you opt for another alternative, note that the first two steps might differ slightly on occasion. 

Note: If you already have an Aptos wallet, feel free to skip straight into the second step. 

To begin with, visit “https://petra.app” and click on the ”Download” button:  

From there, add Petra Aptos Wallet as a browser extension: 

Once you are done adding the extension, create a new wallet by clicking on ”Create New Wallet” and following the instructions: 

In the end, if you successfully create your wallet, you should be left with a screen looking something like this: 

That covers the first step. In the next one, we will show you how to swap to the Aptos testnet! 

Step 2: Connect to the Aptos Testnet 

To get APT using an Aptos faucet, you need to swap to the testnet, as your wallet is connected to the mainnet by default. To do so, open your wallet and start by clicking on the ”Settings” button at the bottom right. From there, all you need to do is click on the ”Network” tab and switch to the ”Testnet” option: 

Now that your Web3 wallet is connected to the testnet, the last step is to get APT using the Aptos faucet! 

Step 3: Get Tokens Using an Aptos Testnet Faucet 

To find the best Aptos testnet faucet, visit the Moralis testnet faucet page. From there, click on the ”See faucet list” button:

Moralis Faucets page and the See Faucet List button

Clicking the button above provides a list of free and trusted testnet faucets, and you can continue by clicking on ”Try Now” for the ”Aptos Testnet Faucet” option:

Aptos Testnet Faucet button

Once you click on ”Try Now,” you will be redirected to the following page, and you can proceed by signing in using Google, Discord, or GitHub:  

Aptos Faucet Get Testnet APT landing page and the sign in button

Next, connect your wallet by hitting ”CONNECT WALLET”: 

Connect wallet button on faucet page

This will prompt your Web3 wallet, and from there, you need to approve the request: 

Approve button in MetaMask to get testnet APT from the Aptos testnet faucet

Next, click on ”ACTIVATE FAUCET”: 

Activate Aptos Testnet Faucet button

Doing so will immediately send testnet APT to your wallet. If everything worked as intended, you should see the following message: 

Success message - testnet APT received

From here, you can confirm the transaction by opening your wallet, and you should now have received ten testnet APT tokens: 

As you might have noticed, as soon as you connect your wallet to the testnet, a ”Faucet” button appears: 

You can use this button to get APT tokens directly through the wallet. However, this will only allow you to get one token at a time, making the faucet a more convenient alternative! 

That’s it! You now know how to get testnet APT using an Aptos faucet! You are now ready to start developing your own Aptos projects! 

Exploring Aptos Labs 

The Aptos project is the brainchild of Aptos Labs, which is the organization behind this decentralized network. Aptos Labs consists of a diverse team of engineers, developers, and strategists led by co-founders Avery Ching and Mo Shaikh.

Title - Aptos Labs

The two co-founders met during their time together working on Meta’s Diem blockchain project, and they started the organization in 2021. Less than a year later, in 2022, the Aptos ”Autumn” mainnet officially launched.  

The purpose of Aptos Labs is to develop products and applications on the Aptos network to redefine the Web3 user experience. Their team of technical experts is dedicated to developing improved network tooling and seamless usability. In doing so, they hope to make decentralization ready for mass adoption! 

That said, what exactly is the Aptos network? 

What is Aptos? 

Aptos’ mainnet, ”Aptos Autumn,” officially launched last year on October 17th, 2022. Aptos is a proof-of-stake (PoS), layer-1 (L1) blockchain aiming to become the world’s fastest and most scalable network. The chain leverages the Move programming language and the Move virtual machine for application development, which are optimized for blockchain use cases. 

Title - Aptos

Aptos features innovations in consensus, smart contract design, system security, performance, and decentralization. Furthermore, the network was designed with usability, security, reliability, and scalability as four core principles, which is how the network aims to bring Web3 to the masses. 

APT is the native currency of the Aptos network. This token is used to pay for network and transaction fees on the chain. Moreover, APT can also be staked, giving stakers a right to participate in translation validation on the network. As a reward for their work, stakers receive additional APT.

If you want to learn more about the Aptos blockchain and APT, check out the following guide for more details: ”What is Aptos?

What is the Aptos Testnet? 

The road to the Aptos mainnet has passed through a series of ”Aptos incentivized testnets,” or AITs. During this time, the Aptos community has come together to contribute to a reliable, secure, and decentralized network. In the end, the goal of the various stages of the AITs was/is to ensure that the community was/is ready to launch a production-grade Aptos mainnet.

During each testnet stage, node operators, auditors, developers, and ecosystem builders were invited to participate and were rewarded for their contributions. Nevertheless, each AIT focused/focus on the following: 

  • AIT1 – Decentralized startup
  • AIT2 – Staking
  • AIT3 – Governance and upgrades
  • AIT4 – Dynamic validator topology

It is also possible for you to set up a local Aptos testnet on your machine. You can use these networks to test your projects safely and without the need to commit real APT. Check out the official documentation page to learn more about setting up a local testnet.

How Does a Testnet Faucet Work? 

If you want to develop on a testnet, whether it is on Aptos or any other blockchain network, you still generally require tokens to pay for transactions. You can always acquire testnet tokens through a crypto faucet. But how do crypto faucets work? 

Illustrative image - Physical spigot pouring out testnet APT, acting as a Aptos testnet faucet

Let us use Aptos as an example. If you are developing dapps for this network, you can use an Aptos testnet faucet to acquire free testnet APT. All you generally need to do (depending on the faucet) is connect your wallet and hit a button. It does not have to be more challenging than that to get testnet APT tokens! Unfortunately, some other faucets – which are dishonest in some cases – require specific actions to acquire testnet tokens. This can, for example, mean completing particular actions on various social media platforms. 

So, which is the best Aptos testnet faucet? 

The Best Aptos Testnet Faucet

Finding a good and trusted faucet is not always the most straightforward task, as bad-faith actors continuously seek to exploit Web3 developers. To solve this issue, the team at Moralis has done their due diligence to provide a list of tested and trusted faucets! 

The testnet faucet page from Moralis features the best faucets available for various networks, including Aptos. As such, if you want to find the best Aptos testnet faucet, visit the Moralis faucet page, click on the ”See faucet list” button, and hit ”Try Now” for the Aptos network alternative: 

In addition to the best Aptos testnet faucet, the list also features several other networks. If you want to learn more about these, check out the following links leading to some of our latest articles: 

Now that you know how to find the best Aptos testnet faucet, let us explore additional resources you might find helpful in your Aptos development endeavors! 

Web3 Development Beyond Aptos Testnet Funds

Now that you know what Aptos is and how to get testnet APT, you are almost ready to start building your own projects. Furthermore, if you are serious about getting into Web3 Aptos development, you need to check out Moralis further! 

With the feature-rich suite of enterprise-grade, Aptos-compatible APIs from Moralis, you can build dapps smarter and more efficiently. These application programming interfaces provide the power and functionality to develop and deploy everything from portfolio dapps to NFT collections and much more! 

So, if you are looking to get into Aptos development, choose to build on the network the smart way by signing up with Moralis

You should also know that the Web3 APIs from Moralis are cross-chain compatible. As such, if you build a project for the Aptos network, you can seamlessly port it over to any of the supported chains with minor tweaks! 

If you are interested in Web3 development on another chain, you might, for instance, want to learn how to monitor an Ethereum address or tackle a Chainlink NFT tutorial. Or why not start importing OpenZeppelin contracts in Remix

Summary – Aptos Testnet Faucet 

In this article, we showed you how to get testnet APT from an Aptos faucet in only three straightforward steps: 

  1. Get an Aptos-Compatible Web3 Wallet
  2. Connect to the Aptos Testnet
  3. Get Tokens Using an Aptos Testnet Faucet

As such, if you have followed along this far, you now know how to get APT from an Aptos faucet. From here, you can now use these testnet tokens to start building sophisticated Aptos projects in no time! 

If you found this tutorial helpful, then check out more content here at Moralis. For example, learn how to create an ERC721 token, convert gwei to ether, or explore Web3 libraries. You can also explore some of the tools offered by Moralis, enabling you to fully leverage the power of blockchain technology. For instance, read about the ultimate Solana Python API

You can also check out Moralis Academy if your want to become a more proficient Web3 developer. The academy offers a selection of excellent courses for new and experienced developers. For example, if you are new to the space, check out this course exploring the fundamentals: ”Blockchain & Bitcoin 101.”

Also, did you know that registering with Moralis is entirely free? So, create your account now; you have nothing to lose!

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