How beoble Monitors 1,000,000+ Addresses in Real-Time with Moralis

beoble is the definitive messaging infrastructure for Web3, providing token-gated chat rooms and customisable token-based spam filters.

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User Wallets in Real-time
Unique Users in 2 Months


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Being able to leverage Moralis for all our chains saved us weeks of time and tons of cost, as we did not have to run our own nodes or use more than one API provider.”

Chanhyeok Yim

Co-Founder of beoble

Co-Founder of beoble

Chanhyeok Yim


Building a Web3 messaging infrastructure able to scale to support millions of users, tracking user addresses in real-time, complete with cross-chain support.


Using Moralis Streams to monitor hundreds of thousands of user wallet addresses in real-time and to adjust chat access accordingly.


Over one million unique users in two months, over 1,000,000 user addresses tracked in real-time, and weeks of dev time saved.

About beoble

beoble is a Web3 chat app and social platform designed to provide enhanced decentralized wallet-to-wallet communication. You can use beoble to gain entry to token-gated chat rooms based on the assets (such as NFTs and tokens) you hold in your wallet. In addition to this, beoble also offers customizable token-gated spam filters. Beoble continually monitors user wallets to ensure accurate access to these token-gated chat rooms and can reflect changes in ownership in real-time. 

In its user profiles, beoble displays NFTs and token assets so users can easily see mutual assets between themselves and others to encourage connection based on shared Web3 interests. beoble also supports all EVM chains and has plans to add even more chains in the future.

beoble aims to be the definitive messaging infrastructure for Web3, connecting people and providing a comprehensive Web3 messaging framework. Beyond its web-based beoble chat app, beoble also offers an extensive integration toolkit any other dapps can use to add a great Web3 communication experience to their products. As such, beoble serves all the Web3 messaging infrastructure needs for both users and developers.

beoble’s Challenge

In designing a seamless Web3 chat app, the team at beoble needed an API provider with support for a wide range of chains and different assets. To accurately control access to its token-gated chat rooms, beoble also needed a way to quickly reflect changes in users’ wallets – all in a solution that could scale to support hundreds of thousands of users.


Beoble had to look for a scalable Web3 API provider that could cover NFTs, fungible tokens, native balances, and provide coverage across all the relevant chains. Moralis was the only provider that supported enough chains. All other solutions lacked one or two chains that we wanted to cover.

Chanhyeok Yim, Co-Founder of beoble

Moralis Streams

beoble decided to use Moralis Streams to monitor its user addresses for transfer events and ensure users have the proper access to different rooms. Moralis Streams allows you to listen to blockchain data across all of Streams’ supported chains in real-time. Streams is fully customizable and is the fastest way to get smart contract events, on-chain transactions, and to notify users about on-chain events.

Today, beoble uses Moralis Streams in order to monitor over 1,000,000 user addresses in real time. Streams enables beoble to watch for any and all transfer events to ensure that users only have access to their relevant chat rooms. What’s more, beoble’s token-gated spam features allows users to block messages from e.g. wallets with less than 1 ETH, which requires accurate, real-time data for different addresses.

Moralis is our go-to Web3 API provider for its ease-of-use, fast and accurate support, as well as its ever-expanding feature set – both in terms of supported chains and its APIs.

Chanhyeok Yim, Co-Founder of beoble

For a token-gated chat application like beoble, access to accurate and up-to-date wallet details, complete with ERC20 token balances, NFTs, and transaction details, is absolutely crucial. As such, Moralis Streams is integral to beoble’s vision of allowing users to access token-gated chat rooms, where entry is determined by the specific tokens or NFTs held in a user’s wallet. 

beoble uses Streams to monitor user wallets, so access to these chat rooms reflects real-time ownership changes. Additionally, beoble displays NFTs and assets within user profiles to encourage connections based on shared Web3 interests. Beoble also seeks to address the quality gap seen in other Web3 messaging projects and focuses on user retention by providing a reliable and engaging platform.

Why Moralis

After evaluating numerous Web3 API providers, beoble chose Moralis for its comprehensive coverage of NFTs, fungible tokens, and native balances across the most number of chains. Moralis stood out not only for its technical capabilities but also for the ease of setup and the clarity of its documentation, which allowed beoble’s team to quickly integrate the Moralis Streams and test its functionality.

Moralis’ customer support ensured a smooth integration process during setup, allowing beoble to focus on the user experience instead of getting bogged down by technical hurdles.


Being able to leverage Moralis for all our chains saved us weeks of time and tons of cost, as we did not have to run our own nodes or use more than one API provider.

Chanhyeok Yim, Co-Founder of beoble

By utilizing Moralis Streams, beoble has been able to maintain accurate and timely access controls for its token-gated chat rooms, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience. The ability to quickly adapt to changes in wallet balances and asset ownership has significantly enhanced the platform’s functionality and appeal.

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