How Changex Went to Market in Less Than a Month with Moralis

Changex is the all-in-one personal finance management platform allowing users to sustainably manage both their crypto and fiat assets from a single interface.

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We chose Moralis because of their extensive blockchain support and proactive approach in helping us determine our needs.

Nino Chanev

Co-Founder of Changex

Co-Founder of Changex

Nino Chanev


Bring Changex’s portfolio tracker service to market quickly without the need to manage nodes and explorers for many different chains. Extract cross-chain data for all connected wallets in a reliable and accessible way.


Leverage the Moralis Wallet API, Token API and Price API to get all the cross-chain data needed and to enable a brisk go-to-market strategy.


With the help of Moralis, Changex was able to launch its portfolio tracker in less than a month. At the same time, using Moralis allowed Changex to slash overhead costs, streamline operations, and scale rapidly.

About Changex

Changex is an all-in-one personal finance management platform that allows users to manage both crypto and fiat assets from a single interface. Users can connect multiple non-custodial wallets to manage their assets, buy and sell crypto, earn passive income through staking, invest in early-stage ESG projects, and cash out using multi-currency IBANs and Crypto Debit Cards.

Changex aims to revolutionize personal finance and onboard the next billion crypto users by providing a seamless platform for asset management. It also seeks to shift the crypto narrative from hyped meme projects and tokens, which many find irrelevant, to meaningful projects focused on sustainability through its Sustainability Launchpad.

Changex’s Challenge

Changex faced significant technical challenges when building a portfolio tracker service for their cryptocurrency exchange. Specifically, they needed help extracting data for connected wallets on different chains, which included maintaining multiple nodes and explorers for all Changex’s supported chains. This complexity led Changex to seek an external Web3 data provider capable of efficiently handling such diverse and extensive data requirements.

Moralis Wallet API, Token API & Price API

To solve these challenges, Changex went with Moralis as its Web3 API provider. This decision was easy after discovering Moralis’ robust cross-chain support, exceptional customer service and aftersales support, and competitive pricing. Specifically, Changex uses Moralis Wallet API, Token API, and Price API to get all the data needed for its portfolio tracker. Moralis APIs have enabled Changex to bypass the need to manage multiple nodes and explorers by providing direct access to essential data across numerous blockchains. Using Moralis has streamlined operations, reduced overhead costs, and simplified user interactions within Changex’s platform.


The scalability of Moralis’ solutions ensures that we can readily expand our services as our user base expands.

Nino Chanev, Co-Founder of Changex

Results with Moralis

With the help of Moralis’ APIs, Changex rapidly achieved market readiness and was able to launch its portfolio tracker within a single month. This swift go-to-market demonstrates Moralis’ efficiency, scalability, and ability to support rapid development and indicates Changex’s commitment to ship innovative solutions to its users quickly. The partnership has significantly reduced the technical complexities of multi-chain data management, allowing Changex to focus on growth and user experience. Beyond this, the Moralis team supported Changex in defining which API methods to use and assisted Changex in estimating the required number of compute units (CUs). Beyond this, Moralis’ scalability allows Changex to scale along with the growth of its user base.

About Moralis

Moralis is a leading crypto data provider that helps companies build great user experiences and drive engagement, growth, and revenue in their applications through Moralis’ suite of APIs and Moralis Nodes. These scalable, cross-chain data products – such as the NFT API, Wallet API, Token API, Price API, Blockchain API, Moralis Streams, and Moralis Nodes – seek to bridge the development gap between Web2 and Web3.


Changex’s use of Moralis allowed it to ship its portfolio tracker to users and go to market in less than a month. Moralis’ suite of APIs eliminated the technical and infrastructure challenges faced by Changex, ensuring that Changex can remain at the forefront of personal finance management and global sustainability.

Check out Changex’s CeDeFi super app here.

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