You don’t need nodes. But here they are.

You’ll prefer using our Web3 APIs to using nodes every day of the week. Until then, try out these nodes.

Blockchain Nodes

Get access to nodes for all the biggest chains. Try building on nodes yourself; or simply build with our free APIs to save time.



Get access to high-performing Ethereum nodes.


Get access to high-performing Polygon nodes.
Binance Smart Chain


Get access to high-performing BNB Chain nodes.


Get access to high-performing Avalanche nodes.


Get access to high-performing Chainlink nodes.


Get access to high-performing Fantom nodes.

Why building on nodes sucks

Most Web3 devs don’t need nodes. Don’t get us wrong, RPC nodes are great for some basic use cases. But they’re also primitive tools that belong underneath the tech stack. Don’t take our word for it; here’s a trusted list of nodes for you to use. Bookmark this page for when you decide to level up from nodes to start using our Web3 APIs.
Blockchain Nodes

RPC nodes are low-level tech

RPC nodes are low-level tech. Just like you wouldn’t build any desktop app by talking directly to your CPU, you shouldn’t build blockchain apps directly on RPC nodes.

Web3 apps running on top of RPC nodes are slow

Programming directly on top of RPC nodes is slow, and dapps running on top of RPC nodes are themselves slow. Using Moralis cuts 87% on average of Web3 project’s go-to-market time.

RPC nodes = complexity

If you successfully build a dapp directly on RPC nodes, you’ll need a LOT of complex infrastructure to make the dapp useful. It’s much easier to just use our Web3 APIs.
Bookmark us

Press Command+D to add Moralis Nodes to your bookmarks for your node needs - until you level up to using Web3 APIs!

Bookmark us

Press Ctrl+D to add Moralis Nodes to your bookmarks for your node needs - until you level up to using Web3 APIs!

Need testnet faucets to go along with your RPC nodes?

We’ve got you covered!
Need testnet faucets to go along with your RPC nodes?

More about how to build dapps 
the right way

Using Moralis’ trusted faucets is extremely easy. We’ve chosen a list of reliable faucets that don’t require any signup or personal data. In short, it’s testnet faucets without any of the fuss.

Simply click on the relevant testnet network to access your desired testnet faucet. Then, you’ll only have to enter the wallet address that will receive the testnet funds. You can request funds from multiple testnet faucets on the same day. If you need even more testnet funds on a specific network, return to the Moralis Faucets page tomorrow!

A crypto faucet is a web-based service that distributes free tokens to visitors. Testnet faucets are an essential part of blockchain testing, as testnet tokens act as non-monetary versions of mainnet tokens.

A testnet token is, as the name suggests, distinct from mainnet tokens. Testnets are essentially development versions of blockchains, which are primarily used for testing.

As such, testnet tokens don’t have any monetary value – instead, they are used for testing purposes and to try out new functionality or improvements before being deployed on the mainnet. A testnet is a sandbox environment, and testnet tokens allow you to simulate mainnet tokens.

Happy to help! Feel free to bookmark this page to check back every day for even more testnet tokens. Also, make sure that you check out Moralis’ suite of Web3 APIs. Moralis offers the easiest way to get started building dapps, or for adding Web3 functionality to your existing project!