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Get access to nodes for all the biggest Web3 chains. Build your dapps using fully synced, up-to-date nodes; or try building your dapps using our free APIs.

Why Choose Our Nodes?

Learn why Moralis Nodes are the preferred choice for reliability, speed, scalability, and security in Web3 infrastructure.

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Moralis serves over 50M+ end users. Moralis Nodes are the backbone of all our infrastructure and data tools, built to meet our high reliability standards.

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Our RPC nodes set the benchmark for rapid response times. Experience node response times from as low as 70 ms* with Moralis.

*Test carried out from AWS (US-EAST-1).
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Moralis Nodes and APIs are built to scale. With an 87% average reduction in time-to-market, $86.4M saved in total engineering costs, and 24/7 worldwide support, Moralis is ready to grow with you.

SOC 2 Type II



Moralis is the only SOC 2 Type 2-certified Web3 infra provider. Don’t put your company’s data at risk - choose Moralis as your SOC 2 Type 2 trusted partner.

Build Dapps Cross-Chain

Cross-chain compatible

the full power of Moralis

Moralis provides both RPC nodes and APIs. Whatever you’re building in Web3, we’ve got the tools you need to succeed.

Moralis Web3 Data APIs


Instant access to cross-chain blockchain data with our APIs for NFTs, tokens, wallets, and more. No indexing required.

“Moralis provides world-class APIs to developers across the globe, allowing companies and projects of all sizes to seamlessly integrate blockchain into their solutions stack and scale with ease.”

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Streams API

Real-time data. 100% delivery guarantee. Stay reliably synced with any blockchain event.

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“Using Moralis was a game-changer for us. Moralis Streams gave us a fivefold reduction in RPC maintenance costs. Its speed and zero downtime are why Moralis is our chosen partner.”

Wallet API

Do more with fewer API calls. Explore the easiest way to build portfolio trackers and wallets, and learn why the biggest names in crypto use our Wallet API.

“Moralis offers a one-stop Web3 solution, capable of processing millions of transactions with low latency.”


3M + NFT collections supported across 10+ EVM chains. Enriched metadata, spam detection, on-chain pricing data, dynamic image previews, and more.

“Rather than allocating extensive engineering resources to build NFT support from the ground up, we utilized Moralis. Their APIs enabled us to incorporate NFT functionalities into our platform more swiftly. This allowed us to continually refine our NFT offerings and bring them to market promptly.”

Token API

Every. Single. Token. Across 10+ EVM chains. Our Token API supports more ERC20 prices than the APIs from CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, and CoinCodex.

“Collaborating with Moralis has been instrumental in our product development and launch. Their innovative solutions have not only saved us over $200,000 in engineering cost but also allowed us to fully concentrate on perfecting our product, enhancing its user experience, and ensuring its success.”

Proven Success

From RPC nodes to APIs, Moralis provides you with the tools to build high-impact Web3 projects. Our focus on performance, reliability, and scalability has made us the go-to for projects big and small.

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