The ultimate API for building Web3 Wallets

Boasting an array of features, exceptional flexibility, and unparalleled scalability, our Wallet API is the definitive solution for integrating wallet functionalities into your Web3 dapps.
Powering Web3's biggest dapps

What does Moralis Wallet API do?

Native Balances

Access both current and historical native balances for any wallet.


Fetch all NFTs and collections held by a wallet, along with their enriched metadata and optimized images.


Lookup current ERC20 holdings including their real-time prices, as well as full historical holdings for any block number.

USD Net-worth

Compute the USD net worth of any wallet at a glance.


Retrieve real-time transfers, swaps and purchases across NFTs and ERC20 tokens.


Evaluate a wallet's profitability by easily analyzing ERC20 token PnL.

Full History

Showcase the most comprehensive wallet history across NFTs, token transfers, native transactions and internal transactions.

Decoded Transactions

Connect the dots and understand what's happening on the blockchain through our data decoding transaction labeling & method decoding.

Address Labels

All transaction and transfer endpoints are fully enriched with public labels such as Coinbase, Binance, Uniswap, 1inch and many more.

Profile Data

Identify wallet age, chain activity, as well as support for domain lookups such as ENS and Unstoppable Domains.


Tap into the full spectrum of EVM chains with our natively cross-chain Wallet API.

ERC-4337 Compatible

Works perfectly with Account Abstraction: fetch transaction data, token balances, and transfers for any smart contract account

The most popular cross-chain Wallet API for EVM blockchains.

Over 500 million addresses. One API.

The most popular cross-chain Wallet API for EVM blockchains.

We’ve got all the major chains covered with our Wallet API – Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Optimism, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and a whole lot more!

Every Web3 Dapp comes to life 
with a powerful wallet component. 
Our API supports them all.


  • Current and historical token balances
  • Real-time token prices & net-worth
  • Detailed user activity
  • Hide spam tokens

Web3 Social Apps
Web3 Social Apps

  • Wallet profile data
  • Token-gated chats
  • Wallet age-gated chats
  • Domain linking (e.g. ENS)

Web3 Analytics Tools
Web3 Analytics Tools

  • Real-time transfers, mints and bums
  • Track token and wallet movements
  • Identify chain activity
  • Cross-chain wallet age

Integrate any use case with our versatile cross-chain Wallet API.
Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs)

  • Fetch ERC20 balances
  • Historical balances
  • Real-time and historical token prices
  • ERC20 transfers, swaps and trades

NFT Marketplaces

  • Fetch NFT balances
  • Fetch owned collections
  • Display NFT images and Metadata
  • NFT transfers, swaps and purchase

Designed for massive scale regardless of the nature of your dApp.
Portfolio Trackers

  • Calculate wallet net-worth
  • Track wallet returns
  • Track token performance
  • Historical balances and prices


  • Wallet profile data
  • Token-gated chats
  • Detect voting rights
  • Community & wallet activity

Web3 Gaming
Web3 Gaming

  • Wallet profile data
  • NFT collectibles
  • Track mints and created NFTs
  • In-game NFT transfers, swaps and purchases

Leverage the same Wallet API like some of the biggest Web3 dapps

Account Abstraction enabled

Our Wallet API natively supports Account Abstraction ERC-4337, allowing for easy retrieval of smart contract account balances, transaction details, gas fees and much more.

Build your own Web3 Wallet with a few lines of code

Fetch Wallet Balance
Fetch Wallet Balance
Wallet balances are crucial to building crypto wallets. Look-up real-time native balances as well as historical snapshots from any block number. 
Fetch NFTs for a Wallet
Fetch NFTs for a Wallet
Extensive support for NFT portfolios. Fetch NFT collections and tokens along with their optimized image previews, transfer details and underlying metadata.
Fetch NFTs for a Wallet
Lookup Chain Activity
Get more context by looking up chain activity. Establish a wallet’s age, as well as detect which chains it has been active on to help build up a comprehensive wallet profile.
Get A Wallet's Net-worth
Get A Wallet's Net-worth
Calculate a wallet’s net worth in USD to understand if you’re dealing with a whale or a new user.

Harness Web3’s most powerful Wallet API