Build Blazing
Fast Dapps on Base

We’re bringing our NFT API, Token API, Wallet API and more to Base, the next-generation Layer 2 solution incubated by Coinbase.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

More Than Just L2

This Is Base

Base is more than just another Ethereum L2; it's the future of onchain scaling:

Secure and

Engineered within the realms of Coinbase, Base delivers an EVM environment that is both secure and astonishingly affordable.

Effortless Integration

As an EVM-equivalent, Base ensures your applications, tools, and infrastructure work flawlessly without any code changes. Activate Base, and every Moralis EVM API will be readily available!

Open-Sourced Power

Developed on the MIT-licensed OP Stack in association with Optimism, Base stands as a testament to the collaborative strength of the blockchain community.


By The Numbers

10x Cheaper

Enjoy Ethereum's features but at 10% of the usual costs.

Massive Community

Key DeFi players and renowned gaming platforms are already building on Base.

Enhanced Interoperability

Seamlessly onramp assets and users from Ethereum L1, Coinbase, and other chains.

Base APIs Ready to Go

From data-driven APIs to real-time monitoring, we're setting benchmarks in dapp development on Base.