How SmartWhalesAI Reduced RPC Maintenance Costs by 5X with Moralis

SmartWhales is a crypto trading platform that allows users to “copy-trade” the most profitable wallets on-chain.


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Moralis was a game-changer for us. It delivered a reliable and efficient way to monitor multi-chain events on multiple chains with one stream. Its speed and zero downtime are why Moralis is our chosen partner

Back-End Developer from SmartWhales


Monitoring on-chain events for SmartWhales’ crypto trading platform in an accurate and cost-effective way. Find a scalable, cross-chain solution that isn’t prone to downtime.


Use Moralis Streams API for real-time on-chain event listening, streamlining operations with a single API for monitoring events across multiple blockchains.


Integrating Moralis Streams gave SmartWhales a fivefold reduction in costs related to RPC costs for on-chain event monitoring, enabled SmartWhales’ expansion to other chains and efficient scaling - all without any downtime.


SmartWhales simplifies crypto trading by allowing users to copy the strategies of top traders, or “whales,” across various EVM blockchains. It automatically tracks whale trades in real-time, enabling users to make similar moves quickly. This approach opens up trading to beginners by providing a direct way to learn and benefit from the expertise of successful traders without needing deep market knowledge. The platform is designed to be straightforward to use, lowering the barriers for newcomers to start trading in the crypto market. SmartWhales focuses on making trading accessible to everyone, offering a chance to grow their investments by following proven strategies.

SmartWhales leverages the Moralis Streams API to offer its users a platform for copying trading strategies across multiple blockchains such as Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Optimism. Initially facing challenges with efficient blockchain event monitoring, SmartWhales found a solution in using Moralis Streams to provide the necessary real-time blockchain data.

The Challenge

Monitoring on-chain events accurately and affordably was a significant hurdle for SmartWhales. Their bespoke system was not only costly but also demanded continuous upkeep, posing a risk of downtime, which could adversely affect their trading platform.

The Solution with Moralis

SmartWhales found the all-in-one solution for their real-time EVM event listening needs in Moralis’ Streams API. Using Moralis Streams allowed them to move away from building a challenging, in-house event bus using multiple third-party APIs and libraries. Instead, Moralis’ comprehensive Streams API for on-chain events significantly simplified Smart Whales’ operations. 

Results Achieved

The adoption of Moralis Streams API brought with it some transformational benefits for SmartWhales:

  • Cost Reduction: The switch to Moralis resulted in substantial savings, with SmartWhales experiencing a fivefold cost reduction for its on-chain event monitoring.
  • Maintenance Reduction: Using Moralis eliminated the need for continuous system and server maintenance, allowing SmartWhales to focus on product enhancements.
  • Reliability: Moralis’ robust Web3 API for real-time data ensured uninterrupted service, which is crucial for a trading platform.
  • Operational Simplification: Moralis’ cross-chain support enabled SmartWhales to easily scale their services across various blockchains without adding operational complexity.


SmartWhales’ use of Moralis Streams API underscores the impact of selecting a solid technology partner. This collaboration both streamlined SmartWhales’ processes as well as enhanced the user experience by providing reliable, real-time blockchain data.

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