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With coverage ranging from the smallest and newest coins to the largest cryptocurrencies, the Moralis Price API is the most complete crypto price API on the market.

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Feature Overview

Prices for every token

Are you tired of bad coverage, and missing tokens in your current crypto price API? With Moralis Price API, coins show up as soon as they start trading on any decentralized exchange.

We monitor all newly minted coins and liquidity pools to get you the latest price data, as soon as it becomes available. No approvals, no gatekeeping!

Prices for every token
Instant updates

Instant updates

The Moralis Price API is updated every single block to make sure that you always get the latest crypto price data. You can also add instant webhook alerts using Moralis Streams to get notified every time the price changes.

Batch requests

You can pass in an array of coins to the Moralis Price API and get the price back for all of them in a single response. Cleaner code, faster execution!

Batch requests
Full price history

Full price history

Even though our API sends you a token’s latest price by default, you can query the Moralis Price API for a token price at any point in time. Input a timestamp or a block number, and we’ll provide you with the coin’s historical price at the given time.

Support for all major EVM chains

The Moralis Price API is the only crypto price API you need, with support for DEXs across all major EVM chains.

We blow the competition out of the water

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The Moralis Price API is the industry’s premier API for crypto prices. Choose your metric – whether you judge by features, speed, or competitive pricing, our Price API comes out on top. Feel free to compare e.g. the CoinMarketCap API, CoinGecko API, Coinbase Price API, or any similar crypto price API to ours!

See our 
Price API in action

Get historical prices
Get historical prices

Get the price of a token at a specific point in time.

Fetch real-time prices
Fetch real-time prices

Get the latest prices, both in the native token and in USD.

Fetch prices for multiple tokens 
at once
Fetch prices for multiple tokens 
at once

Get the latest prices for multiple tokens all in one request.

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