Build on Aptos

Develop dapps on Aptos, the layer-1 Proof of Stake blockchain from Aptos Labs. Realize your Aptos project with Moralis’ feature-rich suite of enterprise-grade APIs. Prototype and deploy your Aptos builds in a flash!
Prototype, Build & Launch Aptos Dapps Faster
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Build with Moralis and empower your Aptos project. Prototype and deploy fast with Moralis’ feature-rich suite of enterprise-grade, Aptos-compatible APIs.

Aptos Web3 APIs

Build on Aptos the smart way. Moralis Aptos-specific Web3 APIs give you the power and functionality to develop and deploy everything from NFT collections to portfolio dapps and much more.

The only dedicated NFT API for the Aptos chain. Fetch NFT collection, ownership, and transfer data.

Coin API

Get token and transfer data in moments with Moralis' one-of-a-kind Coin API.

Aptos Streams API

Moralis' industry-leading Streams API comes to Aptos! Create custom filters for on-chain Aptos events, listen for them in real time, and stream directly to your backend.

Prototype, Build & Launch Aptos Dapps Faster

Prototype, Build & Launch Aptos Dapps Faster

Get to market 80% faster on average using the Moralis Aptos API. Whatever you want to build on Aptos, we’ve got you covered. With the Moralis Aptos API, you can quickly access:

Create Your Use Case

Combine the utility of the Moralis Aptos API with the power of the NFT API, Streams API, or Token API to showcase your use case.

Stream Aptos Events As They Happen

Use the Moralis Aptos Streams API and stream the exact data you need for your project. Set custom filters for events and functions, and get granular on-chain insights as they happen from swaps, transfers, and much more.
Stream Aptos Events As They Happen
Authorize Users With Web3

Authorize Users With Web3

Create a seamless Web3 login experience for Aptos wallet users with the Moralis Aptos Auth API. Add to any existing Web2 application and allow users to authenticate using Petra, Martian, and other Aptos wallets.

NFT Functionality, Gating, & Monitoring

Build on Aptos using the full potential of Aptos NFTs with the Moralis Aptos NFT API. Monitor collections, transfers, and swaps. Create gated content or applications, and add valuable NFT functionality for the Aptos community.
NFT Functionality, Gating, & Monitoring

Build Beyond Aptos

When you build an Aptos project with Moralis, you can easily bring your dapp to more chains. Moralis is built to be ready for the cross-chain future from the ground up, and you can easily leverage Moralis’ EVM API and Solana API to bring your projects to other chains.
James Hodgkins

Moralis API suite greatly simplifies the developer experience of building, deploying, and maintaining projects on Aptos. With Moralis, our ecosystem can spend their time focused on the end-user experience, not managing and scaling their infrastructure.

James Hodgkins

Head of DeFi at Aptos Labs

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