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Elevate your dapp development journey on Gnosis Chain by leveraging Moralis’ RPC nodes, NFT API, Token API, Wallet API, and other blockchain data tools.
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Established as one of Ethereum’s pioneering sidechains, Gnosis Chain has emerged as a leading Beacon Chain EVM Layer-1 blockchain, offering developers a powerful playground to innovate and implement.
Globally Secured

A robust network fortified by over 150,000 geographically diverse validators.

Swift Performance

Experience rapid transaction confirmations with an impressive five-second block time.


Achieve efficient operations without breaking the bank at just $0.000099 per 100k gas.

Always Up

With 100% uptime, reliability is Gnosis' forte - ensuring your dapps run without a hiccup.

Build with Ease on Gnosis Chain using Moralis

Unlocking the potential of Gnosis Chain is a breeze with Moralis’ industry-leading suite of APIs.
Fetch all NFTs and collections held by a wallet, along with their enriched metadata and optimized images.
Gnosis Token API
Token API
Lookup current ERC20 holdings including their real-time prices, as well as full historical holdings for any block number.
Gnosis Wallet API
Wallet API
Tokens, portfolios, activity and much more – our Wallet API is the definitive solution for integrating wallet functionalities into your Web3 dapps.
Gnosis Blockchain API
Blockchain API
Dive deep with precise details on blocks, transactions, and logs.
Gnosis Real-Time Notifications
Real-Time Notifications
Stay synced with every event and build your own notifications with our powerful Streams API.

Build the next big dapp on Gnosis with Moralis

Capitalize on Gnosis Chain’s unique order-matching with batch auctions using the CoW Protocol.
Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)
Secure Wallet Platform Safe-min
Design multi-signature wallet infrastructures like Safe, optimized for both individual and business needs.
Facilitate community-driven decision-making platforms, allowing users to vote on proposals and shape the future of the ecosystem.
Governance Platforms
Prediction Markets
Harness the origins of Gnosis to design prediction platforms on a variety of topics.
Enable users to stake GNO tokens, participate in the validation process, and earn rewards.
Staking Platforms
DAO Management Tools
Build tools to streamline DAO operations, from proposal submissions to voting and treasury management.

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Instant Setup

Dive into development instantly without the hassles of preliminary setups.

Fully Indexed Data

Access all Gnosis Chain data, perfectly indexed and ready for your queries.

Accurate Data

Ensure data integrity with precise and consistent information.

Real-Time Data

Stay updated with real-time data feeds for proactive decision-making.


Gear up for growth! Moralis scales with your dapp, ensuring smooth performance.

Speed & Efficiency

Benefit from a streamlined development process that drastically reduces time-to-market.

Expert Support

Have our team of blockchain experts at your beck and call, guiding you every step of the way.

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