Token data made easy

Integrate real-time token data into your applications with Moralis’s powerful Token API. Get access to price, ownership and transfer data across all major blockchains.


Token Balances

No more wondering which tokens your users hold. With the Moralis Token API you can get all token balances in one single API call.

The Token API has full historical support and you can query the balances at any given block number.

Moralis Token Balances
Moralis Token Transfers

Token Transfers

Stay up to date with the latest Token transfers using the Moralis Token API.

Regardless if you want to see the transfer history of a specific token, transfers of a specific wallet or track real time transfers, the Moralis Token API has you covered.

Token Prices

Get the price of any token at any point in time. The Moralis Token API aggregates prices on AMMs like Uniswap and Pancakeswap and makes them available through a simple API call.

Moralis Token Prices

Full cross-chain support

No need to worry about cross chain compatibility. Moralis enable you to use the same API to build NFT applications across the following chains:
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