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We bring together everything that’s required to build great NFT applications. Use the Moralis NFT API to fetch real-time NFT metadata, ownership data, NFT transfer data, NFT prices, and much more.

Getting NFT data before the Moralis NFT API…

Getting NFT data after Moralis NFT API...


NFT metadata

Forget querying unreliable metadata servers or IPFS services, get all NFT metadata from Moralis in one single API call.

The NFT API is fully cross-chain compatible and has a search endpoint, meaning you can create searches WITHIN the metadata of an NFT and receive fully resolved metadata.

Fast-track your NFT build in hands-free mode by the Power of Moralis 🚀

Easy Access APIs For All Blockchain Data

NFT transfer data

Stay up to date with the latest NFT transfers using the Moralis NFT API. Regardless if you want to see the transfer history of a specific NFT, transfers of a specific wallet or track real time transfers, the Moralis NFT API has you covered.

NFT ownership data

No need for custom code or extra infrastructure to track NFTs as they fly across the blockchain.

Get the owner of a specific NFT or of an entire collection, in just a single API call.

Token-gate your content and reclaim control as a creator with these powerful ownership features.

We saved a lot of time. I would say we cut development time by at least 75% using Moralis. We didn’t have to worry about querying the blockchain at all.
Nathan Criel

Backend Engineer at Delta App

Full cross-chain support

No need to worry about cross chain compatibility. Moralis enable you to use the same API to build NFT applications across the following chains:
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