Chiliz Chain

Revolutionizing Web3 for Sports & Entertainment

Enterprise-grade Web3 APIs to power the next generation of sports & entertainment dapps on Chiliz Chain.
We've proudly integrated Chiliz Chain, a game-changer in the realm of sports & entertainment. Now, developers can enjoy the unrivaled functionalities of Chiliz Chain, combined with the swift and efficient capabilities of Moralis.

Chiliz in Numbers

Over 1 Global Sports Partners
1 Fan Tokens
0 M+ Loyal Ecosystem Users
Market Cap Beyond $ 0 B

Chiliz Timeline


The inception of Chiliz

The visionary blockchain provider committed to redefining fan experiences in the sports and entertainment sphere.


Chiliz Legacy Chain

Recognized as Chiliz Chain 1.0, it's the birthplace of the iconic Fan Token, bringing to life the first-ever application on Chiliz blockchain tech.


Chiliz Chain Evolution

Embracing the future with Chiliz Chain (formerly Chiliz Chain 2.0), harnessing the might of the Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus algorithm

Unlock the Full Potential
of Chiliz Chain with Moralis


Fetch all NFTs and collections held by a wallet, along with their enriched metadata and optimised images.

Token API

Lookup current ERC20 holdings including their real-time prices, as well as full historical holdings for any block number.

Wallet API

Tokens, portfolio, activity and much more - our Wallet API is the definitive solution for integrating wallet functionalities into your Web3 dapps.

Blockchain API

Dive deep with precise details on blocks, transactions, and logs.

Streams API

Stay synced with every event and build your own notifications with our powerful Streams API

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Use Cases

With Moralis' unmatched capabilities together with Chiliz Chain, the use cases are boundless. If you can think of a Web3 project in the realm of sports & entertainment, you can build it!

Fan Engagement Platforms

Craft interactive platforms where fans can participate in polls, contests, and Q&A sessions with their favorite athletes or celebrities. Let them feel more connected than ever!

Digital Ticketing Systems

Revolutionize event ticketing by offering secure, blockchain-backed tickets that can also serve as memorabilia. Eliminate counterfeiting and ensure smooth access to events.

Fantasy Leagues

Elevate the fantasy sports experience by integrating real-time stats, creating unique digital assets, or even adding token rewards for top players.

Augmented Reality (AR) Games

Combine the physical and digital realms! Create AR treasure hunts in stadiums or city centers that allow fans to collect digital memorabilia or tokens.

NFT Merchandising

Turn iconic sports and entertainment moments into NFTs. Allow fans to buy, sell, or showcase these digital collectibles in virtual galleries.

Esports Platforms

Enhance the esports experience with token-based rewards, real-time data integration, and seamless fan interactions.

Build Confidently

Have an idea that can redefine the Web3 sports arena? 
Let Moralis amplify your vision on Chiliz Chain.

Instant Setup

Dive straight into coding. Moralis offers a hassle-free setup, so you can focus on creating instead of configuring.

Historical Data

We provide easy access to every single block all the way back to block 0.

Real-time Data

Be the first to know! With real-time data streaming, stay updated instantly.


With Moralis, scale your dapps on Chiliz Chain effortlessly and securely.

Fast & Efficient

Speed up your development process tenfold. Community & Support: Engage with our thriving community and get expert guidance.

Cross-Chain APIs

Bring your dapp to chains beyond Chiliz. Our cross-chain APIs have support for all major EVM chains.

Try Out Chiliz Chain

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