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Moralis provides APIs, SDKs and Data for building high performance dapps. Integrate Web3 into any tech stack.


Moralis saves developers time and money to ship scalable & robust Dapps.

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The Web3 Workflow

Authenticate Your Users

Developers love Moralis as it saves up to 80% of the development time due to zero configuration features such as Moralis Identity.

Easy Authentication

One line of code to authenticate users on any blockchain via any wallet. Moralis also supports web3 social login via Google, Twitter etc.

Flexible Identity Management

Consolidate user addresses across multiple networks and auth providers into a single user profile.

Effortless Session Management

Create, verify and invalidate user sessions. Moralis handles all the complex heavy lifting such as wallet signature verification, cookies etc.

Historic and Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

Once the user is authenticated you need to monitor their transfers, trades, mints, burns and all other actions relevant to your dapp. Moralis Monitoring was built to save you months of development.
Historic and Real-Time 
Transaction Monitoring

Powerful SDKs For Any Platform

Bring web3 to any platform simply by installing a small SDK. Moralis does all the platform specific groundwork while you can focus on your use-case.

Web SDKs

Bring web3 to your webpage by using vanilla Javascript or our dedicated React SDKs.

Game SDK

Build web3 games for any platform including web, mobile, Xbox and Playstation using Moralis Unity SDK.

Backend SDK

Connect your backend infrastructure to web3 and all Moralis features using our NodeJS SDK.


Cross-chain Web3 API

Get in-depth data about NFTs, tokens, user balances, transactions, trades and much more!
Cross-chain Web3 API
Cross-chain Web3 API
Get your team Web3 ready
Ship Dapps in no time with State-of-the-Art blockchain programming training

Endless Integrations with an Ecosystem of Plugins

Moralis supports many chains and we are already powering many prominent web3 projects.

Endless Integrations with an Ecosystem of Plugins
The community

Join real Projects & Level Up your Developers

Follow along with our instructiors and build fully fledged Dapps.
Web3 Magic Treasure Chest

Create a Web3 Treasure Chest game of chance!

Web3 Skyrim Market

Trade in-game currency for NFTs in this Skyrim style market

Unity Web3 Game Power-Ups

Create and mint and NFT, then use it to boost your Web3 game character.

Build Sim City Web3

Build a Sim City Web3 clone with NFT real estate!

Build an NFT Whale Watcher

Use Moralis and NodeJS to deep dive NFT Whale action.

Build an NFT AR Lootbox

Build an augmented reality NFT lootbox you can place in the real world!

Build Web3 Medium

Clone Medium for Web3, complete with NFT blogs, using Moralis

Join the community & learn Web3 Development

From the beginning, Moralis has been a community centred project. Connect, learn and build together.
Discord Community

Join our DAO Discord Community, warmly introduce yourself, and connect with other Dapp builders!

Moralis Academy

Level up your developers with state-of-the-art blockchain programming skills necessary to ship dapps in no time.

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Get in-depth data about NFTs, tokens, user balances, transactions, trades and much more!

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