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Number of API calls needed to build a portfolio view of vitalik's tokens

Moralis APIs

Instant access to cross-chain blockchain data with our APIs for NFTs, Tokens, Wallets and more. No indexing required.

Cross-chain NFT transfers, prices and metadata.

Token API

Real-time price, transfer and ownership token data.

Wallet API

The ultimate API for building Web3 Wallets.

Blockchain API

Block data, transactions, logs, raw & decoded data, transaction labelling and more.

Real Time Data

Stay synced with every event and every block with our real-time data streams.
Streams API

Real-time data for any on-chain event.

Market Insights

Find prices, market data and trending tokens and collections.
Why Did it Move API

Get the one sentence reason why a coin moved either up or down.

Discovery API

Discover hidden gems before anyone else with real-time token analytics.

Market Data API

Trending NFT collections, Top ERC20s, NFT Drops and much more.


Read and write blockchain data with Moralis Speedy Nodes.
RPC Nodes

High performing PC nodes for all major chains


Moralis enriches its API responses with metadata, transaction decodings, market data and address labels from multiple sources—all to create the most comprehensive APIs in blockchain.


A truly cross-chain experience with unified feature coverage across all chains. Moralis combines products like Nodes, APIs, and Streams with out-of-the-box solutions like the Wallet API, DeFi API, and Profitability API.


With the confidence of hundreds of thousands of developers and large enterprise customers, Moralis incorporates Spam Detection, a robust Security Score, and holds a SOC2 certification.


See why 100 of the biggest cryptocurrencies pump or dump in real time

Crypto investors are always looking to understand why a coin is moving, and finally you can give them the insights they want with Why Did it Move API

Cross-chain compatible

Our customers reduced development time, cost, and complexity
Moralis’s NFT API lets us focus on our user experience without worrying about scaling to millions of users for the new Portfolio dapp.
Kai Huang
Product Manager
Kai Huang

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