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Looking to build Web3 dapps on Polygon? Our enterprise-grade Web3 APIs enable you to prototype, deploy, and scale Polygon dapps at blazing speeds.
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Features of Moralis’ Polygon API

Access and index all NFT, token, balance, and other blockchain-related data from multiple EVM blockchains.

Access Polygon On-Chain Data

Moralis’ EVM API allows you to get on-chain data for all the biggest EVM networks. As such, it acts as a Polygon API for on-chain data. Quickly access essential on-chain data, including NFT ownership, token balances, transactions, and much more.

Access Polygon On-Chain Data
Monitor Polygon Events in Real-Time

Monitor Polygon Events in Real-Time

Stream on-chain Polygon events to your backend in real-time with Moralis’ Streams API. Set up custom ABIs and filters, get notified the moment users make Polygon transactions, transfers, stakes, swaps, and more.

Normalized Polygon NFT Metadata

From full collections to individual address ownership, easily track Polygon NFTs and get all their metadata in a clear format using Moralis’ NFT API.

Normalized Polygon NFT Metadata
Moralis Token Transfers

Authorize Users with Web3

Login and authenticate users from any Web2 tech stack using Web3 authentication with Moralis’ Authentication API. You can easily integrate support for Web3 sign-in using our Authentication API.

Born Cross-Chain Compatible

Our Polygon API is cross-chain compatible, meaning you’ll be able to easily port your dapp to any supported EVM network. Moralis allows you to deploy projects on Polygon with just a few clicks.

There’s already over 53,000 Web3 dapps on Polygon - bring yours to Polygon using Moralis!

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Reducing development time, cost and complexity.
Moralis provides world-class APIs to developers across the globe, allowing companies and projects of all sizes to seamlessly integrate blockchain into their solutions stack and scale with ease.
Sandeep Nailwal

Co-Founder of Polygon

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