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NFT apps brought to life in a couple of hours

Revolutionize your NFT app development!

Fetch real-time NFT metadata, ownership data, NFT transfer data, NFT prices, and much more with just a few clicks and one line of code, for free!

Getting NFT data before the Moralis NFT API…

Getting NFT data after Moralis NFT API...

Try the Google of NFTs for free today!

NFT data on demand

Build a killer NFT dApp in minutes…

Work smarter – not harder. You don’t need to be a blockchain developer to make it big in the NFT space.

Let the Moralis NFT API do all the heavy lifting for you – so you can focus on your frontend.

Get real-time data on demand: push NFT transactions and metadata into your application with just a couple of clicks.

Sit back and BUIDL

A builder’s best friend…

Give the Moralis NFT API a block, and it will return all NFT activity from that specific block.

Filter on-chain accounts, smart contracts, specific collections and more, so you can bring your Dapp to market 87% faster than if you were using anything else.

Turn months of work into a task as simple as copying and pasting one line of code.

NFT Metadata

Forget manually parsing individual smart contracts.

The Moralis NFT API normalizes data, so all you have to do is query it.

What’s more? The NFT API is cross-chain compatible and has a search endpoint, meaning you can create searches WITHIN the metadata of an NFT and receive fully resolved metadata.

Fast-track your NFT build in hands-free mode by the Power of Moralis 🚀

NFT Ownership Data

No need for custom code or extra infrastructure to track NFTs as they zoom across the blockchain.

In just a couple of clicks, access accurate historical data for any NFT or even an entire collection!

Token-gate your content and reclaim control as a creator with the powerful Moralis NFT API!

NFT Transfer Data

Stay one step ahead of the game…

The NFT world moves FAST. Stay ahead with the Moralis NFT API and track NFT movement in real time across chains.

Search all transfers from a specific block number in just one click.

Focus on specific wallet addresses, contract addresses, or even tokens and gather real-time data.

Forget about indexing data, setting up infrastructure, hosting or cross chain development when you build with the Moralis NFT API!

Create NFT apps on the following chains:

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