How Legion Facilitated $13 Million in Investments Using Moralis

Legion is a community-driven platform seeking to make early-stage Web3 investments available to everyone.

Hundreds of Dev Hours Saved
Cross-Chain Support
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Moralis provided us with an integrated and comprehensive ecosystem supported by clear documentation and an intuitive SDK. The seamless experience and portable infrastructure for hybrid cloud deployments made it our top choice.



Minimize the resources needed to focus on backend work, provide robust access to on-chain data to users, and slash the required infra management to instead focus on UX.


Use Moralis Blockchain API, Token API and Wallet API to streamline operations and get effortless access to on-chain data.


Using Moralis allowed Legion to save hundreds of dev hours, get reliable on-chain data without tying up resources in backend work, and facilitate over 13 million in investments.

About Legion

Legion is a community-driven early-stage Web3 investment and OTC platform available for retail users. Legion seeks to create a more inclusive financial landscape by empowering anyone to become an investor. Since its founding in 2021, Legion has facilitated over 160 successful investments among 14,000+ investors.

Legion’s Challenge

Legion needed a solid platform with robust access to on-chain data to realize its vision of a comprehensive Web3 investment platform that democratizes access to early-stage crypto investment opportunities. Legion didn’t want to compromise on the platform’s functionality or speed and wanted to focus its efforts on the user experience and user flow. At the same time, Legion wished to minimize the resources necessary to allocate for backend work. Essentially, Legion wanted to eliminate the need for an extensive setup process and reduce the required infrastructure management.

Solution: Blockchain API, Token API & Wallet API

After evaluating multiple Web3 data providers, Legion went with Moralis. Specifically, Moralis stood out as a top choice for Legion due to its integrated ecosystem, comprehensive API offerings, and straightforward documentation. With the help of Moralis’ Blockchain API, Token API, and Wallet API, Legion was able to streamline its operations significantly. Additionally, Moralis offers an excellent and portable infrastructure, enabling easy hybrid cloud deployments and replications, which outperforms its competitors.

Results with Moralis

The choice to use Moralis APIs quickly translated into tangible benefits for Legion. Using Moralis saved Legion hundreds of hours of infrastructure setup and initial scaffolding. Instead, the Legion team could focus on product discovery and developing the platform’s core features. These end-to-end rollout capabilities, from dapp templates to live server hosting, were a significant benefit of using Moralis. The decision to use Moralis’ suite of APIs was also a boon for Legion’s scalability and user growth. Moralis is cross-chain compatible, meaning any project built using Moralis will be ready to scale to other chains. Beyond this, Legion now efficiently manages over 14,000 active users who are investing, trading, and awaiting distributions. These investors have jointly facilitated over $13 million in investments, all through Legion’s platform powered by Moralis’ infrastructure.

About Moralis

Moralis is a leading crypto data provider that helps companies build great user experiences and drive engagement, growth, and revenue in their applications through Moralis’ suite of APIs and Moralis Nodes. These scalable, cross-chain data products – such as the NFT API, Wallet API, Token API, Price API, Blockchain API, Moralis Streams, and Moralis Nodes – seek to bridge the development gap between Web2 and Web3.


Using Moralis allowed Legion to cut down the required setup time by hundreds of hours. Legion could minimize the resources they needed to allocate to backend tasks. Instead, Moralis Wallet API, Token API, and Blockchain API were enough to do the heavy lifting, and allowed Legion to focus on developing the platform’s core features, and attracting a thriving community of thousands of active users.

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