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Pure Faucets

No signup, no personal data, no BS.

Free testnet faucets you can trust

The definitive crypto faucet list for builders. No need to sign up or enter any personal data.

Simply paste your wallet address to receive free testnet funds.

Goerli Faucet

Building on Ethereum? Get free Ethereum testnet tokens from this trusted Goerli faucet.

Sepolia Faucet
Proof-of-work mining

Quickly get Ethereum testnet funds for testing with this trusted proof-of-work Sepolia faucet.

Holesky Faucet
Proof-of-work mining

Get Holesky testnet funds with this trusted proof-of-work (PoW) Holesky faucet.

Mumbai Faucet

Test your Polygon projects! Receive a daily dose of Polygon testnet tokens from the Mumbai faucet.

BNB Chain Testnet Faucet

Claim a daily 0.5 BNB on the BNB Chain testnet! No signup required for this BNB Chain testnet faucet.

Avalanche Fuji Testnet Faucet

Supercharge your projects with this official Avalanche faucet! Request 2 AVAX per day on the Fuji testnet.

Chainlink Testnet Faucet

Get testnet LINK for building Chainlink projects & testing purposes with this Chainlink testnet faucet.

Solana Testnet Faucet

Solana development has never been easier. Get testnet SOL from this Solana testnet faucet in minutes.

Fantom Testnet Faucet

Request 5 testnet FTM once per address with this trusted Fantom testnet faucet, with any signup needed!

Optimism Goerli Faucet

Get Optimism Goerli test ETH from our trusted Optimism faucet! Try out the easiest, free Optimism Goerli faucet!

Aptos Testnet Faucet

Your premiere source of testnet APT. Get testnet Aptos funds from this trusted Aptos faucet with just a few clicks!

Arbitrum Goerli Faucet

An easy-to-use, no BS Arbitrum Goerli testnet faucet. Request testnet ETH on Arbitrum Goerli from here!

Oasis Network Testnet Faucet

Start building on the Oasis Network with this Oasis testnet faucet. Get up to ten testnet tokens with this faucet.

Arbitrum Sepolia Faucet

Get testnet Arbitrum Sepolia funds with this trusted faucet in just a few steps. Try it yourself!

Base Goerli Faucet

Build on Base with ease using this trusted Base Goerli faucet. Get testnet funds for all your building and testing needs!

Amoy Faucet

Get daily Polygon Amoy testnet funds! Test your Polygon projects using this free Amoy faucet.

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Press Command+D to add Moralis Faucets to your bookmarks for daily faucet requests.

Bookmark us

Press Ctrl+D to add Moralis Faucets to your bookmarks for daily faucet requests.

No bull, just faucets

As devs, we were tired of all the faucet tweet verification and account sign-up nonsense.

This is why we set out to create a carefully curated list that only contains pure faucets; not any BS.

What is a crypto faucet?

A faucet is a Web3 tool that provides a small amount of crypto funds.

Testnet faucets are essential for getting testnet funds for Web3 development.

The free faucets you can access here provide testnet tokens for use on their associated testnets, so you can analyze your dapp or smart contract in a safe environment.

Moralis’ list of free trusted faucets is the best way to analyze your dapp or smart contract in a safe environment.

We check, so you don’t have to

Bad actors may try to abuse free faucets to gain access to wallet credentials. That’s why we created a list of trusted faucets to help you stay safe.

Moralis Faucets allow you to lean back and get testnet funds from crypto faucets, without entering any of your personal data or having to worry about security.

Questions & Answers

Using Moralis’ trusted faucets is extremely easy. We’ve chosen a list of reliable faucets that don’t require any signup or personal data. In short, it’s testnet faucets without any of the fuss.

Simply click on the relevant testnet network to access your desired testnet faucet. Then, you’ll only have to enter the wallet address that will receive the testnet funds. You can request funds from multiple testnet faucets on the same day. If you need even more testnet funds on a specific network, return to the Moralis Faucets page tomorrow!

A crypto faucet is a web-based service that distributes free tokens to visitors. Testnet faucets are an essential part of blockchain testing, as testnet tokens act as non-monetary versions of mainnet tokens.

A testnet token is, as the name suggests, distinct from mainnet tokens. Testnets are essentially development versions of blockchains, which are primarily used for testing.

As such, testnet tokens don’t have any monetary value – instead, they are used for testing purposes and to try out new functionality or improvements before being deployed on the mainnet. A testnet is a sandbox environment, and testnet tokens allow you to simulate mainnet tokens.

Happy to help! Feel free to bookmark this page to check back every day for even more testnet tokens. Also, make sure that you check out Moralis’ suite of Web3 APIs. Moralis offers the easiest way to get started building dapps, or for adding Web3 functionality to your existing project!