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Bring your projects to market faster using the most scalable Solana API in Web3.

Index any blockchain information

Access and index all the information you need, including NFT, token, balance data and more from the Solana network.


Easily get NFT metadata for a given network and contract, and retrieve NFT transfer and ownership data in a snap!

Token API

Integrate real-time Solana token data into your applications. Seamlessly get access to native price, fiat price, token data and exchange data.

Balance API

No more wondering which tokens your users hold. With the Solana API you can get all token balances owned by a given network and address.


Fetching blockchain data has never been easier

Moralis Token Balances

Supported Networks

Solana Devnet
Solana Mainnet
Moralis APIs saved us a lot of time, were easy to integrate and helped us go to market faster.
Slava M.

CEO, Co-Founder Liquidifty

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