How Drecom Saved 5 Months of Dev Time with Moralis

Drecom is a well-known Japanese digital entertainment company that specializes in planning, developing, and operating popular mobile games.

Sold out over 3000 NFTs pre-launch
Reached number 1 on OpenSea
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How Drecom Saved 5 Months of Dev Time with Moralis
If you ask me, Moralis’ APIs are unparalleled in terms of power and flexibility. Thanks to their excellent documentation, we were able to seamlessly integrate our game with the blockchain in just a matter of days, rather than the months it would have taken without their support.
Takuya Yamazaki, Main Engineer of Drecom NFT Development
Takuya Yamazaki

Main Engineer of Drecom NFT Development

Main Engineer

Takuya Yamazaki


Minimize the dev time for Drecom’s first Web3 game & achieve lightning-fast performance.


Moralis NFT API, the fastest NFT API and the quickest way to go-to-market with NFT projects.


5 months of development time saved, successful game launch, sold out game NFTs on OpenSea.

About Drecom

Drecom is a well-known Japanese digital entertainment company that specializes in planning, developing, and operating popular mobile games. Recently, the company ventured into web3 gaming and eventually released its first web3 game, GGGGG.

This free-to-play smartphone game offers players a range of exciting modes, including 100-Player Battle Royale, 8-Player Battle Royale, and a cooperative Dungeon Run mode for up to four players.

One of the unique features of GGGGG is the ability for players to acquire original NFT skins, which change the design of their visual effects based on their battle royale wins. In fact, Drecom’s first NFT collection of characters sold out instantly on OpenSea, with all 3,456 skins being snapped up right before the game’s launch.

The high demand for Drecom’s NFTs resulted in the company being featured on the OpenSea homepage and reaching #1 on the worldwide trending NFT collections list. Additionally, GGGGG achieved 2nd place on the Top Volume charts due to their large trading volume during the sale.

Moralis as a Web3 partner

As experts in mobile entertainment, Drecom began their journey into Web3 and wanted a technology partner that could help them integrate NFTs into their game. They didn’t just want a data or infrastructure provider, but also a partner with the right APIs, and that could provide support during integration, development, and launch.

By partnering with Moralis, Drecom was able to save an estimated five months of development time that they would have otherwise spent building their own NFT indexing service. This allowed them to focus on building their game and enhancing the user experience, ultimately leading to the successful launch of their game.

Moralis NFT API

Drecom utilized the Moralis NFT API, which is widely regarded as the fastest and most reliable NFT API on the market. By using various endpoints provided by the API, Drecom was able to seamlessly integrate NFTs into their application and access any NFT data they needed, including NFT ownership, metadata, trades, and transfers, among other data.

One of the key benefits of using Moralis’ NFT API is its speed, which is unrivaled in the market. The API features a built-in CDN that enables instant loading of NFT images in a wide range of resolutions, further improving the user experience for players. Overall, Moralis’ NFT API proved to be an invaluable asset for Drecom in the successful launch of their web3 game.

How Moralis Helps

Drecom discovered Moralis when searching for a solution to handle NFTs in their Unity-based smartphone game. Thanks to Moralis’ outstanding documentation and sample code, Drecom was able to successfully connect their game to the blockchain in just a few days, a process that would have taken much longer without Moralis.

Moralis provides a wide range of APIs for blockchain and crypto data, including data about NFTs, tokens, addresses, holders, blocks, and transactions. By utilizing Moralis’ services, Drecom was able to expedite their product development and innovation processes.

Five star customer support

The partnership between Moralis and Drecom extends beyond just technical integration. Once Drecom entered the Moralis ecosystem, they gained access to all of Moralis’ team and resources, providing them with the support and guidance they needed to succeed.

Even with the most stable technology, there are often small issues that arise during the integration process. To help address any issues, Moralis’ solutions architects are available from the beginning to assist with planning and integration. Moreover, a team of Moralis support agents and engineers is always available to help, ensuring that any problems are resolved promptly.

At Moralis, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer support, with 24/7 coverage and a median response time of only six minutes. Additionally, enterprise customers have access to service level agreements (SLAs) and dedicated account managers, further enhancing the level of support available.

Drecom found that Moralis’ customer support team was always quick and diligent in responding to their requests. Moralis’ technical team also provided valuable assistance during the integration process, which was instrumental in the successful launch of our game.
Takuya Yamazaki, Main Engineer of Drecom NFT Development

How to Get Started with Drecom

Drecom’s GGGGG game is available for download on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The game is free to download and offers a variety of single-player and multiplayer game modes for players to choose from. You can keep an eye on their official Discord for more information, as there may be opportunities in the future to acquire original NFT skins with unique characteristics through events and campaigns.

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