How Delta Saved 2,500 Engineering Hours with Moralis

The Delta Investment Tracker app is your one-stop shop for all your investment needs, offering a variety of features that make managing your portfolio a breeze.

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How Delta Saved 2,500 Engineering Hours with Moralis
In the dynamic landscape of digital assets, being agile and quick to respond to market changes is paramount. This was particularly evident to us at Delta when NFTs started making waves globally. Recognizing the growing demand for NFTs, we realized the necessity of rapidly adapting our platform to support these assets.
Niels Segers - Lead Back-End Developer at Delta
Niels Segers

Lead Back-End Developer at Delta

Lead Back-End Developer

Niels Segers


Quickly bring a powerful NFT tracker from idea to market.


Becoming a Moralis enterprise client, with world-class Web3 APIs and technical assistance.


2,500 engineering hours saved, +1 million downloads since launch, millions of NFTs successfully tracked.

About Delta

The Delta Investment Tracker app is your one-stop shop for all your investment needs, offering a variety of features that make managing your portfolio a breeze. You can easily connect your wallets, exchanges, brokers, and banks and track multiple portfolios with a clear overview of your net worth. Delta app offers a detailed overview and insights into your assets and trades, supporting multiple assets such as crypto, stocks, indices, funds, commodities, NFTs, and forex.

Stay informed with tailored news from Dow Jones, CryptoGlobe, CryptoBriefing, The Block, Decrypt, and Delta Direct (news directly from token teams). Easily keep an eye on the markets with a clear overview and discover top gainers and losers. Get Smart notifications on assets you own or follow, keeping you up-to-date on the latest developments.

With the Delta app, you can keep all your investments in one app, making it easy to manage your portfolio to become an even smarter investor. Try it out today and experience the ease and convenience of the Delta app for yourself. Click here to download Delta for free.

Delta’s NFT journey

During 2021 Delta saw the rise of NFTs and realized quickly that they have a natural place in crypto investors portfolios, and started to extend their cutting edge portfolio management to NFTs as well.

As many developers know, working with NFTs can be tedious. The industry is fragmented with different token standards, different metadata standards, and because metadata is often not stored on-chain there are many issues with fetching, caching and refreshing NFT metadata.

For many applications, this can lead to poor performance, long load times, incorrect or outdated ownership information, and just a bad user experience in general.

Delta realized early on that they wanted a partner that could help them avoid all of these headaches and let them focus all their attention on building a great app and a great user experience.

After doing some research, Delta eventually decided on Moralis and started working with the Moralis team and solutions architects to plan, scope and develop their integration. No matter where you are in your integration journey, the Moralis team is there to help you.

With the powerful collaboration between Moralis and Delta, they were able to launch their Delta NFT Tracker in a matter of weeks instead of months.

While our team’s determination and innovative spirit played significant roles, Moralis’ infrastructure was undeniably pivotal in our rapid expansion.
Niels Segers, Lead Back-End Developer at Delta

The Delta NFT Tracker

The Delta NFT Tracker is an innovative feature within the Delta Investment Tracker platform, catering to users interested in exploring and monitoring the dynamic world of non-fungible tokens. As a pioneering mobile NFT explorer, the NFT Tracker is seamlessly integrated with Delta’s existing app, available on both iOS and Android devices. Users can effortlessly connect popular ETH wallets like MetaMask to track their digital collectibles and stay informed with real-time updates on significant changes in the NFT space.

The NFT Tracker allows users to explore a diverse range of NFTs and collections through Delta’s very own NFT Explorer, simplifying the browsing process for hundreds of thousands of digital assets. Delta’s NFT rarity filters further enhance the user experience, enabling users to easily filter NFTs by rarity tiers such as the top 1% or top 5%. In addition to tracking their own wallets, users can monitor the wallets of friends or even the world’s top NFT investors. The platform also enables users to follow any NFT or collection, providing relevant price change updates using Delta’s significant price change algorithm.

Designed for a seamless user experience, Delta’s NFT Tracker helps professionals stay informed about the latest trends and opportunities in the NFT market. By integrating this feature into the existing Delta Investment Tracker app, users can delve into the captivating world of NFTs alongside traditional investments like stocks and cryptocurrencies. The NFT Tracker, with its innovative rarity filters, is an invaluable tool for professionals looking to expand their knowledge and stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital asset landscape.

Delta PRO takes things to the next level, providing deep portfolio insights such as portfolio performance, diversity, good & bad decisions, most used exchanges, asset location, asset worth, portfolio P/E, risk level, trade statistics, fees, and advanced metrics. As a PRO user, you also get access to live prices, unlimited investment account connections, and ‘why is it moving’, which explains why an asset is moving today (and historically).

Moralis NFT API

Delta utilizes the Moralis NFT API for fetching metadata for NFTs and NFT collections. Since Delta is an investment tracker, the Moralis cross-chain support and industry leading NFT coverage was crucial for them to make sure they show their users portfolios accurately.

Rather than allocating extensive engineering resources to build NFT support from the ground up, we utilized Moralis’ suite of services. Their APIs enabled us to incorporate NFT functionalities into our platform more swiftly. This allowed us to continually refine our NFT offerings and bring them to market promptly.

Niels Segers, Lead Back-End Developer at Delta

The Moralis NFT API has a wide array of additional features that makes working with NFTs a breeze. Apart from metadata, you can fetch ownership information, transfers and trades as well as NFT prices.

Since the metadata and images are automatically cached and served in different resolutions through Moralis’ own CDN, you never have to worry about long load or render times. The data is there when you need it.

How Moralis Helps

The results from working together with a solid partner like Moralis speaks for themselves

Five star customer support

When Delta came to Moralis, they sought not only technology and APIs but also a reliable partner who shares their commitment to responsiveness and reliability.

All the way from the planning stage to production launch, our 24/7 team of solutions architects, accounts managers and support agents have been assisting Delta with any questions, issues or unexpected problems that showed up along the way.

As an enterprise customer at Moralis, you also become an active part of our product development process, giving you the ability to impact and influence our roadmap as well as test out new features.

Our interaction with Moralis was noteworthy. From the start, they were receptive to our requirements, even addressing a key request we had for the ability to re-index entire collections at once. This level of responsiveness certainly contributed to the smoothness of our operations, and it’s fair to say that Moralis approached Delta with professional respect, acknowledging us as a business and as a customer.

Niels Segers, Lead Back-End Developer at Delta

How to Get Started with Delta

You can download the Delta Investment Tracker app directly from the App Store or Google Play.

As a crypto investor, it’s crucial to have a tool to manage all your assets and wallets in a single place, and with the Delta Investment Tracker you can not only manage your entire crypto portfolio but also your stocks, indices, funds and forex.

Download the app today and get started.

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