How ChainGPT Generated Over 6 Million NFTs Using Moralis

Learn how ChainGPT was able to scale and generate over 6 million NFTs with the help of Moralis’ NFT API!
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Moralis was the obvious choice for us when we needed an API provider for all things NFT-related.

Ilan Rakhmanov

CEO of ChainGPT

CEO of ChainGPT

Ilan Rakhmanov


Finding a reliable, scalable, cross-chain API provider to power ChainGPT's AI NFT Generator.


Becoming a Moralis client and leveraging Moralis' world-class NFT API.


Over 6 million NFTs generated in less than three months' time.

ChainGPT is a blockchain AI project looking to leverage AI in order to accelerate the adoption of blockchain and improve onboarding into the crypto or blockchain sector. Anyone who has tried to get into the crypto or blockchain industry without prior experience will know the struggles associated with understanding how blockchain technology can help them with their particular use case.

This is something that ChainGPT seeks to solve with the help of a sophisticated AI model. As part of ChainGPT’s mission to become the first AI cloud platform to provide an open ecosystem based on blockchain technology, ChainGPT needed to find a partner who understood the need for up-to-date on-chain data as well as the ability to scale – for ChainGPT to be able to truly reach the masses.

ChainGPT offers a wide suite of AI-driven offerings to make it easier for companies to get into Web3. To name a few, this includes ChainGPT’s AI-driven chatbot assistant, AI-Solidity smart contracts generator and auditor, AI-generated news, AI-assisted trading, ChainGPT’s Virtual Machine, as well as the AI NFT Generator.

ChainGPT’s AI NFT Generator

ChainGPT’s AI NFT Generator leverages AI-powered algorithms to generate non-fungible tokens with simple user prompts. However, when it came time for ChainGPT to launch their AI NFT Generator, ChainGPT recognized the need for a partner that could provide both a solid technological infrastructure for their AI NFT Generator as well as world-class support.

Ultimately, ChainGPT chose to go with Moralis, the leading crypto data provider. The decision to go with Moralis stemmed from Moralis’ reputation as a top-tier provider for all things related to NFT data. Specifically, ChainGPT decided to use Moralis’ NFT API to power its AI NFT Generator.

ChainGPT’s AI NFT Generate has seamless support for different multiple chains, including Tron, BNB Smart Chain, opBNB, Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche. As a testament to its capabilities, ChainGPT managed to generate a staggering 6 million NFTs in merely three months.

How ChainGPT Supercharged Their NFT Generator with Moralis’ NFT API

The Moralis NFT API is already well-known in the Web3 space and used by other high-profile projects like MetaMask, RTFKT, Lens Protocol, and many more. As such, it was a clear choice for ChainGPT to power its AI NFT Generator with such a tried and tested NFT API.


Moralis was the obvious choice for us when we needed an API provider for all things NFT-related. The growth of our ChainGPT AI NFT Generator has been phenomenal, with over 6 million NFTs generated in just three months. We required a reliable provider that could handle our scaling needs, and Moralis fit the bill perfectly.

Ilan Rakhmanov, CEO of ChainGPT

The NFT API comes complete with powerful functionality for NFTs, covering everything from enriched metadata, real-time transfer data, and instantaneous ownership data, to advanced spam detection, dynamically sized image previews, on-chain price data, and much, much more. What’s more, the NFT API is plug-and-play-compatible with Moralis Streams, allowing developers to get real-time notifications on NFT trades, marketplace orders, new NFT mints and more.

Try Out the ChainGPT AI NFT Generator

Check out ChainGPT’s AI NFT Generator in action by visiting the ChainGPT AI NFT Generator page.

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