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APIs that connect any tech stack to blockchain networks. Our 24/7 worldwide support ensures your project’s easy launch, priority maintenance and sustainable growth, with custom SLAs to support your demands

Endless Integrations with an Ecosystem of Plugins
Endless Integrations with an Ecosystem of Plugins

A full suite of APIs for everything blockchain

Moralis has empowered over 100,000 companies to build, launch and scale great projects.
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All your NFT data in one API

Fetch NFT ownership, transfer, price, and metadata all in real-time, powering one of the most relevant use cases in Web3.

We were able to leverage the Moralis APIs, and bring this to our users at record-breaking development. We did not have to worry about querying the blockchain at all.

Nathan Criel

Backend Engineer at Delta Investment Tracker

Developer focused

The power of Web3, the ease of Web2

Moralis’s toolkit bridges the development gap between Web2 and Web3. Our APIs simplify the integration of NFTs, tokens and other blockchain data into any project.

Easy access APIs for all blockchain data

Get access to NFT, token and transaction data across all major blockchains.

Read our documentation to find out how:

Easy Access APIs For All Blockchain Data
Authenticate users with Auth API

Authenticate users with Auth API

Consolidate user addresses across multiple networks and wallets into a single user profile.

Ingest Real-Time Blockchain Data using Streams API

Monitor addresses and smart contracts. Receive webhooks whenever something happens on-chain.

Index Smart Contracts & Wallets With Streams
multiple Network support

Natively cross-chain

Get your team Web3 ready
Ship dapps in no time with state-of-the-art blockchain programming training.

Get Started with Moralis SDK

Bring Web3 to any platform. Simply install our small SDK and let Moralis do all the platform specific groundwork, so you can focus on your use-case.
With support for:
Endless Integrations with an Ecosystem of Plugins