Develop Ethereum Dapps

Want to build on the world’s largest programmable blockchain? Moralis’ APIs allow you to develop dapps and launch Web3 projects on Ethereum using the same tech as the industry leaders.
Develop Ethereum Dapps
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Leverage the same easy-to-use, enterprise-grade APIs that already power some of the biggest projects in Web3!

More than an Ethereum API

Moralis’ EVM API is not only an Ethereum API – it also allows you to build on other EVM-based chains. Whether you’re looking to build on Ethereum or if you’ve got cross-chain ambitions, Moralis’ Web3 APIs have got you covered.

Prototype, deploy, and launch your Ethereum project before anyone else

Using our documentation tutorials and API references, you can simply copy, paste, and implement code, allowing you to save ~83% of the average Web3 go-to-market time.
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Take advantage of Moralis’ lightning-fast API response times!

Features of Moralis’ Ethereum API

Moralis’ Ethereum API gives you easy access to many 
powerful Web3 features.
Monitor Polygon Events in Real-Time

Stream Real-Time Blockchain Data

Get real-time, on-chain data with just a few clicks. Track token balances, transactions, NFT ownership, and more on the Ethereum network. Use our Streams API to receive webhooks whenever something happens on-chain.

Build a Web3 Wallet in Record-Time

Want to bring your project to market at blazing speeds? Moralis’ Web3 APIs let you build wallets and other Ethereum dapps in no time.

Build a Web3 Wallet in Record-Time
Powerful Web3 Authentication

Powerful Web3 Authentication

Easily integrate Web3 authentication into your project with the Moralis Authentication API. Be able to login Web2 users to Web3 without having to manage complicated backend systems and structures.

Monitor NFT Collection Prices

Building an NFT project? Get real-time NFT price changes and much more. Moralis’ NFT API provides the easiest way to kickstart your Ethereum NFT project.

Monitor NFT Collection Prices

Build dapps on Ethereum, and easily deploy them across all leading blockchains

Our Ethereum API is a part of Moralis’ EVM API, meaning it is cross-chain compatible by default. Check out our other APIs, like our Polygon API or Solana API.

Reducing development time, cost and complexity.
Moralis’s NFT API lets us focus on our user experience without worrying about scaling to millions of users for the new Portfolio dapp.
Kai Huang

Product Manager, MetaMask

Dive into Ethereum dapp development

Moralis’ Web3 APIs fit perfectly for all developers – including individuals, small teams, and large enterprise projects.