Why did it move?

The only API giving you the one sentence reason why a cryptocurrency is pumping or dumping
on a given day.

Covering more than 100 of 
the biggest cryptocurrencies in real time.

Ethereum (ETH) Tether (USDT) Binance Coin (BNB) Cardano (ADA) XRP (XRP)  USD Coin (USDC)  Dogecoin (DOGE)  Polkadot (DOT)  Binance USD (BUSD) Uniswap (UNI)  Solana (SOL)  Chainlink (LINK)  Stellar (XLM)  Polygon (MATIC)  Dai (DAI) THETA (THETA)  Aave (AAVE)  Crypto.com Coin (CRO)  SHIBA INU (SHIB)  PancakeSwap (CAKE) Cosmos (ATOM)  Maker (MKR)  Neo (NEO) Compound (COMP)  Avalanche (AVAX)  Amp (AMP)  The Graph (GRT)  Kusama (KSM) THORChain (RUNE) Decentraland (MANA)  Fantom (FTM) Flow (FLOW)  SushiSwap (SUSHI)  Nexo (NEXO) NEAR Protocol (NEAR)  Basic Attention Token (BAT)  Harmony (ONE)  SwissBorg (CHSB) Curve DAO Token (CRV)  Ankr (ANKR)  1inch (1INCH)  Arweave (AR)  Energy Web Token (EWT)  HEX (HEX)  DODO (DODO)  Gitcoin (GTC)  Radix (EXRD)  SuperFarm (SUPER)

Give your users an edge

Unique market insights

Crypto investors are always looking to understand why a coin is moving, and finally you can give them the insights they want - without them having to leave your application.

24/7 monitoring

Our research team will do the hard work for you and monitor price movements around the clock to bring more value to your users.

Real-time notifications

Using our API you can not only tell your users that a certain coin has moved, but you can now also tell them why it moved. The Why Did it Move API is a great engagement tool to get your customers back into your product.

Fully compatible with any push notification system.

Historical events

The API also supports retrieving all historical events for a specific coin, which can be used to build a chronological timeline of important events for a coin.

How Delta
uses Moralis to keep their users engaged

The Delta Portfolio Tracker is a leader in the space of universal portfolio trackers, enabling you to keep track of all of your assets in one place, including stocks, crypto, NFTs, funds and more.

Find out why
cryptocurrencies move in real time

With the use of the Why Did it Move API from Moralis, Delta Pro users can now enjoy real-time and historical explanations for why crypto currencies moved strongly either up or down.

This has proved to be a valuable and very popular feature for the Delta users, and has enabled Delta to increase the value of their Pro subscription as well as provide a better and more engaging experience for their users.

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