Moralis Streams API

Stream blockchain data into your backend via webhooks. Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Fantom, Cronos and all testnets are supported. We’re working on adding more networks every day!

Receive Webhooks

With the Moralis Streams API, you can receive webhooks on any network or L2 whenever:
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How Does It Work?

No More Hassle

Moralis Streams API ELIMINATES processes like:
We saved a lot of time. I would say we cut development time by at least 75% using Moralis. We didn’t have to worry about querying the blockchain at all.
Nathan Criel

Backend Engineer at Delta App

Bring Blockchain technology to your organization

Bring Blockchain technology to your organization

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Enhance Your Dapp with Real-Time Blockchain Data!

This system is the backbone of the entire Moralis infrastructure.