Get notified about Web3 events automatically

Receive instant, customizable updates when something important happens on-chain. We support all types of events, NFTs, DeFi, DAO, smart contracts, wallets, and more.
Get notified about Web3 events automatically
We support 44 million contracts and counting

A simple solution for listening to any blockchain event

Specify, Filter, Ingest
  • Specify addresses

    Add the addresses you want to follow for on-chain activity, such as wallets or smart contract addresses.

  • Filter down to what you need

    Specify the events you want to listen to. Filter by chains, transaction topics, sizes, and more.

  • Receive formatted data automatically

    Get all the data you need by choosing where you want your webhooks delivered. Receive decoded and formatted data that's easy to consume and raw logs for advanced use cases

Use Cases

Get user asset transfers in real-time

Monitor your users' transactions and balances with ease. Stream any on-chain event, including tokens, NFTs, and DeFi transactions, directly into your backend.

Get user asset transfers in real-time
Notify users automatically about Web3 events

Notify users automatically about Web3 events

Maximize user engagement with real-time notifications. Stay ahead of the competition with seamless real-time updates and notifications for your user or wallet. Set filters to monitor relevant on-chain events; from your users' holdings to the latest token, NFT, and DeFi contracts events.

The fastest way to get your smart contract events

Track specific contracts and on-chain events with ease. Simply input the contracts you're interested in, add your ABI, and setup custom data filter on topics and metadata to receive the events, addresses, interactions, and internal transactions you need.

The fastest way to get your smart contract events
We do the heavy lifting  
You save time and money

Total Customization

Moralis Streams is the industry's most flexible and customizable real-time API for blockchain data. Set up Streams for any custom Web3 use case you can think of.

Go To Market Faster

Monitoring, ingesting, indexing and tailoring real-time blockchain data is expensive. Use Moralis Streams to go to market faster and cheaper.

Built for Scale

Experience Web3 Streams with unmatched scalability. For example, easily listen to the 100,000,000 most active Ethereum wallets with a single stream.

Want more info about Streams?

We’d be thrilled to send you some inspiration, Streams docs, and tutorials.

Easy and quick access to your Blockchain Data

Listen to Your Users' Transactions

Configure your stream

Choose the chains in which you're interested. Configure to listen to contract logs and add your webhook destination, and your stream is configured.

Add your stream

Set up your configured stream. Receive a test webhook and return status code 200 for the stream to start. That’s it - you’re live!

Sit back and relax, watch your data stream in

Add from one to 100 million wallet addresses to your stream. No limitations.