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September 9, 2021

Introducing Moralis Plugins

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We are proud to finally be officially launching Moralis Plugins! Specifically, the launch of Moralis Plugins means that developers will be able to integrate even more powerful functionality into their dApps when building with Moralis – using only a single line of code. 

What’s more, we are also opening up the Moralis Plugins ecosystem to third-party plugin developers, meaning developers will be able to create their own plugins to share with the community.

What are Moralis Plugins?

So, what does the launch of Moralis Plugins entail? The Moralis Plugins platform can essentially be likened to an App Store for various plugins. All plugins will work seamlessly with Moralis, meaning dApps and Web3 apps built with Moralis will be ready to take advantage of the Moralis Plugins ecosystem. This is a further realization of Moralis’ vision that developers should be able to integrate any technology they require with a single line of code.

What’s more, the Moralis Plugins platform will allow developers to create their own plugins and share them with the community. As such, Moralis Plugins will make things easier for devs, giving them access to even more powerful features. Moralis Plugins also opens up an entire development ecosystem for creating plugins. This is comparable to WordPress plugins, where developers can choose between a long list of plugins for easy access to features and functionality. However, developers can also successfully specialize on creating their own plugins.

Coming Soon: Build Your Own Plugins with Moralis Plugins SDK

We will soon also launch our Moralis Plugins SDK. This will allow developers to build their own plugins that they can show off through the Moralis Plugins platform. Specifically, opening up the Moralis Plugins platform for all developers will bring huge synergies for all Moralis users. For example, Moralis users will soon be able to get trading functionality via a 1inch plugin, DeFi functionality via an Aave plugin, CEX functionality via Coinbase, fiat functionality via many different onramps etc., and any other functionality you can imagine. The sky’s the limit!

This is, in effect, democratizing Moralis’ feature set. Plugins will allow projects to build their own plugins for niche use cases we at Moralis haven’t thought of. They can then share this with the rest of the community and potentially monetize it for themselves through, e.g., a subscription model. This is how numerous plugin projects became multi-million dollar companies through WordPress plugins. Moralis Plugins is now providing a similar plugin ecosystem for Web3 and blockchain development.

The first plugin on the Moralis Plugins platform is already live. Specifically, this is a fiat to cryptocurrency onramp, aptly titled Fiat Onramp from Onramper. It is for anyone who wants to allow users to buy crypto directly from their dApp. Fiat Onramp supports most fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, and developers can use it with one line of code after installing:


If you want to learn more about how easy it is to use the Fiat Onramp plugin for your dApp, be sure to check out the following video showcasing just how useful it is.

Future-Proof Your dApps with Moralis Plugins

This means that dApps built on Moralis essentially become future-proof. The Moralis Plugin ecosystem will continue to grow and add to the already impressive array of features found through Moralis. Having third-party developers building integrations and plugins for Moralis ensures Moralis developers will always have access to the latest functionality. 

Moreover, third-party developers have incentives to build great plugins, as they can get considerable adoption from the Moralis Plugins store. Seeing as so many developers are already using Moralis, this will be a huge market for plugin developers. 

Furthermore, developers can feel confident that between third-party plugin developers and the core Moralis team constantly adding new functionality, Moralis will remain the most competitive Web3 middleware solution. Naturally, this is all built to work in tandem with Moralis’ existing plug-and-play features, such as Moralis’ Speedy Nodes, or Moralis’ NFT API that lets you create NFT games in minutes! 

What’s more, anyone using Moralis will be able to use other technology as well freely. Consequently, dApps built using Moralis can easily integrate any technology, system, or resources without any fear of lock-in. In effect, Moralis is simply providing the easiest way to create Web3 apps or dApps. If you want to learn more about Ethereum development for beginners, Binance Smart Chain development, how to authenticate with MetaMask, build dApps quickly, or just all the other perks of building with Moralis, sign up today!

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