May 1, 2024

Moralis Adds Support for Moonbeam Network

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Moonbeam, the top destination for multi-chain applications on Polkadot, has announced that Moralis, the crypto data provider, will introduce support for Moonbeam Network across its API suite. Adding Moonbeam Network support will empower developers to build great projects for the Moonbeam ecosystem using Moralis APIs.

Moralis is a Web3 API provider that seeks to improve the experience for those building Web3 projects. Moralis APIs power some of the biggest projects in Web3 – such as MetaMask,, and Opera – and are cross-chain compatible, allowing developers to build engaging dapps across their favorite chains. By using Moralis, developers can quickly build powerful dapps on Moonbeam Network.

Moonbeam developers will now be able to take advantage of Moralis’ full suite of APIs. For example, devs can take advantage of the Wallet API to integrate wallet functionality into their projects, with Moralis APIs aggregating complex data that’s hard to get without Moralis. They can get data for balances, tokens, prices, NFTs, and transactions, set up customizable real-time filters to detect on-chain events, boost user engagement with market insights and trend data, and much more.

We couldn’t be happier to launch support for the Moonbeam network. With Moonbeam and Moralis, you get the best of both worlds: an amazing platform to develop dapps on and world-class APIs streamlining the entire process. We look forward to seeing what amazing projects our Moonbeam support will bring to life,” said Ivan on Tech, CEO at Moralis.

“Moonbeam is very pleased to support the integration of Moralis APIs. This partnership will expand opportunities for our builders and provide greater support for the passionate developers who share Moonbeam’s vision of creating a truly integrated Web3 ecosystem. It has been a privilege to work with the Moralis team on this integration and it is our pleasure to welcome them officially into the Moonbeam community,” said Aaron Evans, Head of Operations at Moonbeam Foundation.

About Moralis

Moralis is a crypto data provider that helps companies build great user experiences and drive engagement, growth, and revenue in their applications through Moralis’ suite of APIs. These scalable, cross-chain APIs – including the NFT API, Wallet API, Token API, Price API, Blockchain API, and Moralis Streams – seek to bridge the development gap between Web2 and Web3.

About the Moonbeam Network

Moonbeam is a smart contract platform for building cross-chain connected applications that can access users, assets, and services on any chain. By uniting functionality from Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot, and more into a single platform, Moonbeam solves today’s fragmented user experience – unlocking true interoperability and paving the way for the next generation of applications. The Moonbeam platform uses integrated cross-chain messaging to allow developers to create smart contracts that access services across many remote blockchains. This approach, plus Moonbeam’s developer-friendly EVM platform, vast tool support, and modern Substrate architecture creates the ideal development environment for building connected applications.

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Moralis Money
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