October 21, 2022

Moralis Introduces Support for Ronin Network

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We’re excited to announce Moralis now supports the Ronin Network!

We’re thrilled to share that we’re now launching support for Ronin, the popular gaming sidechain set up by Axie Infinity creators Sky Mavis. Specifically, we’re especially happy to be bringing Roning support to our Streams API

In fact, this is the first real-time events stream for Ronin Network – making it easier than ever for Ronin developers to work with real-time blockchain data! 

Listen to Ronin Events in Real-Time

The launch of Ronin support for our Streams API means you’ll now get access to the first real-time Ronin events stream, giving you total flexibility for your Ronin games! Using the Moralis Streams API on Ronin means you can:

  • Stream on-chain events directly to your backend in real-time
  • Listen to all your users’ Ronin wallet activity with just a single stream
  • Track wallet buy, sell, trade, and stake activity across NFTs and tokens
  • And much, much more!

Moreover, the Streams API is fully flexible and customizable. You can filter by events, use custom ABIs, and much more. 

About Ronin

Ronin is an Ethereum-linked sidechain purpose-built for Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis’ hit blockchain monster battler. The network is now open to Web3 game developers wanting to create the next generation of blockchain games and metaverses. 

About Moralis

Moralis provides powerful APIs that enable developers to plug blockchain into any tech stack. Web3 game development is no exception, thanks to tools like the Moralis NFT API, Streams API, our Web3 Authentication API and simple integration with gaming ecosystems. 

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