January 18, 2024

Moralis Introduces Why Did It Move API 

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We at Moralis are proud to announce the launch of our new “Why Did It Move API”. This innovative API is set to transform how wallet services, portfolio managers, investors and DeFi applications understand and interact with the cryptocurrency market.

Why Did It Move API

The Why Did It Move API is the only Web3 tool that tells you why different cryptocurrencies move. While other APIs tell you when a coin moves, the Why Did It Move API goes a step further and tells you why a coin moves. This offers users unprecedented insights into the volatile and sometimes mystifying crypto market.

The API is supported by Moralis’ research team, which constantly monitors all the largest coins. At the onset of any significant price movement, our team of analysts quickly identifies and reports any news-related events that may have triggered these fluctuations. The API then delivers this real-time information in a succinct news flash format.

The Why Did It Move API is also a powerful engagement enhancer for crypto applications. By integrating the Why Did It Move API, dapps can provide users with engaging price movement alerts and news flashes. Through explaining the reasons behind market movements to users, Why Did It Move is a great driver for user engagement.

Historical Data and Customization

In addition to real-time updates, the WDIM API allows users to query historical news flashes. This enables you to create of comprehensive news timelines for specific coins, or e.g. news feeds on your site.

A testament to the API’s value is its adoption by Delta, a leading crypto portfolio tracker. Delta have already been using the WDIM API to trial it before we launched it publicly. Delta has used it to send push notifications to its PRO members, significantly enhancing user engagement, and encouraging more sign-ups for its PRO membership.

About Moralis

Moralis is a leading crypto data provider that helps developers build great user experiences, drive engagement, growth and revenue in their applications. This is done through its scalable, cross-chain APIs that bridge the development gap between Web2 and Web3. Moralis’ suite of APIs includes the NFT API, Wallet API, Token API, Price API, Blockchain API and Streams, and is completely free. Moralis also provides everything from extensive Web3 documentation to testnet faucets to empower Web3 creators.

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