February 2, 2024

Moralis Announces OP Mainnet Support

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We’re excited to announce that we’re launching support for OP Mainnet! This means developers can now use Moralis’ APIs to build dapps on OP Mainnet and streamline their development process.

Moralis Launches Support for OP Mainnet

We’re thrilled to bring our leading suite of Web3 APIs to OP Mainnet, the low-cost, lightning-fast L2. This integration will allow OP Mainnet devs to experience the power and ease-of-use of Moralis’ APIs, making it dramatically easier to bring Web3 projects to market.

Through this integration, OP Mainnet developers get access to Moralis’ extensive suite of Web3 APIs, including the NFT API, Wallet API, Token API, Price API, Blockchain API and Moralis Streams. This means that devs can build anything from NFT projects to Web3 wallets, DeFi dapps, and even set up customizable alerts for real-time on-chain events.

“We couldn’t be prouder about launching support for OP Mainnet. The OP Mainnet dev community deserves access to great tools, and our suite of Moralis APIs is the best way to develop powerful Web3 dapps in a short amount of time. We can’t wait to see which exciting projects our OP Mainnet support will unlock,” said Ivan on Tech, CEO of Moralis

About OP Mainnet

OP Mainnet is a layer-2 Optimistic Rollup network, built as a scalability solution for Ethereum. Optimism preserves Ethereum’s robust security features while significantly reducing costs and increasing transaction speed. Utilizing its EVM-equivalent architecture, Optimism allows developers to effortlessly scale their Ethereum projects.

About Moralis

Moralis is a leading crypto data provider that helps developers build great user experiences, drive engagement, growth and revenue in their applications. Moralis does this through its scalable, cross-chain APIs that bridge the development gap between Web2 and Web3.

Moralis Money
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