October 6, 2022

Fantom Joins Moralis x Google Defining DeFi Hackathon as Gold Tier Sponsor

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We’re very excited to announce Fantom is joining the 2022 Moralis x Google Defining Defi Hackathon as an official sponsor!

We’re happy to share that Fantom is a sponsor for the 2022 Moralis x Google Defining DeFi Hackathon! A chance to win from the total $150,000 prize pool awaits the teams that build the best DeFi projects on Fantom using Moralis! The event runs until the 11th of November, and registration is open now. 

“It’s fantastic to have Fantom join this event,” said Ivan on Tech, Founder and CEO of Moralis. “Web3 adoption is happening as we speak, and this hackathon is such a great way to learn or advance your Web3 skills as a developer. We’re looking forward to seeing the amazing ways developers use tools like Moralis to create next-level DeFi projects on Fantom.”

With a prize pool of over $150,000, the Moralis x Google Defining DeFi is shaping up to be the DeFi hackathon event of 2022. Even developers new to Web3 can get involved, thanks to the ease of building dapps on Fantom using Moralis. 

Teams can register for the 2022 Moralis x Google Defining DeFi hackathon at the official Defining DeFi website, with official workshops starting on the 10th of October. 

About Fantom

Fast, scalable, and secure. The Fantom ecosystem boasts almost instant transfers, low transaction fees, and EVM support. Add in multichain integrations, and it’s easy to see why Fantom has such a fast-growing user and developer base. 

About Moralis 

Moralis makes accessing real-time blockchain data a breeze. Plug the Moralis enterprise-grade APIs into any tech stack to develop dapps up to 80% faster than average. 

What’s more, the Moralis Web3 Authentication API empowers devs to create, manage and synchronize Web3 user profiles. Even better, the Moralis NFT API, EVM API, Solana API, and Auth APIs are all cross-chain by default!

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