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Web3 Skyrim with PlayFab NFT Integration
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Moralis Projects – Web3 Skyrim Market

We’re back and we’re going big this week! The Web3 Skyrim Market Moralis Project premieres on the 6th of August on the Moralis YouTube channel. Build an RPG that lets you convert the in-game currency to ERC-20 tokens and buy NFTs from in-game shops! Like and subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out on future projects. 

In this week’s Moralis Project we’re marrying Web2 and Web3 Gaming. We’ll be using PlayFab as a backend for the in-game currency, and for displaying items in stores. Then we’ll add the power of Web3 through Moralis to convert these Web2 items into actual NFTs.

We’ll do this by having different shops in the game market. In the ‘Exchange’ shop you can trade ‘Crystals’ (the PlayFab currency) for ‘Septims’ (an ERC-20 token). You can then use the Septims to buy NFT outfits at the Outfit Shop.

All owned NFTs will be displayed in the player inventory, and we’ll be able to change the player character’s look by selecting them 🙂

Web3 Skyrim Market Prerequisites

Help and Resources

Make sure to join the Moralis Discord server, and head to this week’s project channel, where you can meet your fellow builders and get help from our Moralis Tech Support Wizards if you need it.

We recommend setting up notifications in the #projects-notifications channel too. 

Drop into the Moralis Forum thread for the Web3 Skyrim Market project to find additional discussions and solutions from the community.

You can also take the Moralis Academy Web3 Skyrim Market course 100% FREE. All previous Moralis Project courses are available there as well.  

Improving Moralis Projects

Moralis Projects are designed to be an exciting, practical way to get you started on your Web3 development journey. They’re also perfect for showing “proof of knowledge” as part of your Web3 portfolio.

If you have suggestions on how we can improve these projects, we want to hear them! 

The same goes for mistakes. If you spot anything wrong in any Moralis Project, please share it with us and the community. Bonus mage points if you suggest merge requests. 

Earning Your NFT and Next Steps

Once you’ve completed your project, make sure to submit it in the #🏆finished-projects channel in the Moralis Discord to claim your Web3 Skyrim builder NFT (and feel free to brag about it on socials – you’ve earned it!). 

Moralis Projects are just the start. Think of them as a launch pad – something you can develop further or use as inspiration for your own builds. 

Whatever you’re creating, we love to see it! Make sure to share your work with the community in the #😎builtwithmoralis Discord channel.

Now, on to this week’s project!

Web3 Skyrim Market – Getting Started

  1. Download this repository (as zip or git)
  2. Download Unity
  3. Open the downloaded repository folder in Unity
  4. Make sure you have installed MetaMask wallet both in your browser and in your mobile device
  5. Import Cronos Testnet to your wallets (both) and send some TCRO using the Cronos Faucet
  6. Follow the

See for more info.



  • Assets/_Project/Scenes/Game.unity


August 5, 2022
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