April 8, 2024

Moralis Launches ERC20 Owners Endpoint

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We’re proud to announce that we’re making our Token API even better – by releasing our brand new ERC20 Owners endpoint!

Introducing the ERC20 Owners Endpoint

At Moralis, we know the hassle traditionally associated with identifying major token holders first-hand. Manually tracking ownership through transfers across various transactions and blockchains leads to a workflow that is both complex and time-consuming. We recognized the burden this put on developers while also introducing room for error.

We set out to transform the difficult operation of fetching accurate ERC20 owner data into an easy task devs can complete in a flash. This is just what our new ERC20 Owners endpoint allows you to do. Our ERC20 Owners endpoint also tracks the total supply of any specific coin. This innovative feature allows developers to effortlessly fetch and analyze the top holders of any ERC20 token, along with their ownership percentages, directly.

Benefits of the ERC20 Owners Endpoint

  • Insights Into Token Holders: Developers can now quickly identify the top holders of a given ERC20 token, enhancing the transparency and understanding of token distributions.
  • Simplified Token Analytics: The ERC20 Owners endpoint allows you to perform complex analytics tasks in a breeze, such as identifying unique holders, early adopters vs. newcomers, ownership percentages, and more.
  • Reduced API Calls: By consolidating ERC20 owner data into a single, easy-to-use endpoint, Moralis significantly decreases the number of API calls needed, allowing developers to get more relevant data with fewer calls.

Our ERC20 Owners feature is indispensable for anyone developing token dashboards, portfolio trackers, wallets, or any project related to ERC20 tokens. By reducing the barriers to complex data analysis and making token ownership data more accessible, we make it easier for devs to build and power great dapps.

Dive into our documentation to explore the ERC20 Owners endpoint and discover how it can transform your project: ERC20 Owners documentation.

About Moralis

Moralis is a leading crypto data provider that helps developers build great user experiences, drive engagement, growth and revenue in their applications. Moralis does this through its scalable, cross-chain APIs that bridge the development gap between Web2 and Web3. Moralis’ suite of APIs include the NFT API, Wallet API, Token API, Price API, Streams API, and many other products.

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