September 22, 2022

GM2 Unveils Tech Partnership with Moralis

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Moralis is now entering into a tech partnership with GM2!

GM2 Announces Moralis Web3 Tech Partnership

We are overjoyed to announce that Moralis is entering into a tech partnership with GM2, the Buenos Aires-based software development and IT near-shoring company. Our partnership with GM2 is a great way to accelerate the advent of Web3. 

Gonzalo Escribano, the COO and Co-Founder of GM2, said that this tech partnership allows GM2 to continue growing in the blockchain space. Moreover, Escribano continued that GM2 is excited to empower companies in building and launching Web3 projects with the help of Moralis.

Moralis scalable APIs provide the perfect cross-chain suite of tools to build Web3 applications, and are a perfect match for GM2’s complete development cycle support. This means 

Moralis’ cross-chain APIs, together with GM2’s full development cycle support, provide the perfect toolkit for building Web3 projects. Our partnership will enable any company to take their Web3 product from the drawing board to a successful launch, all using world-class Web3 tools.

“Moralis is all about empowering Web3 projects of any size to build and deploy fast,” said Ivan on Tech, CEO of Moralis. “So, teaming up with GM2 was an obvious choice for us. Their user-centric software solutions synergize perfectly with our Web3 API solutions. This partnership will make it easier than ever for many businesses to build and launch successful Web3 projects.”

“This is a key alliance for us to boost our expertise in Web3 and blockchain development,” added Eduardo Fernandez Rostello, Sales Manager at GM2. “With Moralis, we’re enhancing our ability to offer the finest service to our clients by working side by side with the best dapp development platform in the market.”

About Moralis

Moralis allows you to connect blockchain functionality to any tech stack. Developers can access blockchain data in real-time from multiple networks using the Moralis NFT API, EVM API, and Solana API, and set up single cross-chain user profiles effortlessly with the Moralis Auth API. 

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