> Fiat Onramp (By Onramper)
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Fiat Onramp (By Onramper)
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This plugin is for all dapps that want to allow their users to buy crypocurrencies straight from their dapp. This plugin supports most fiat currencies and most cryptocurrencies.

Supported Platforms

This version of the plugin only supports web apps. In the future we will add support for Unity and Mobile platforms

Usage Examples

This code will open up a new browser window and guide the user through the steps to purchase cryptocurrencies.


This will not open a new window with fiat onramp – instead you can embed the onramp in an iframe.
let response = await Moralis.Plugins.fiat.buy({}, {disableTriggers: true});

document.getElementById('iframeid').style.display = 'block';

document.getElementById('iframeid').src = response.result.data;

This code will preselect the coin and the receiver.
Moralis.Plugins.fiat.buy({ coin: 'usdc', receiver: '0x...', });

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