Speedy Nodes


Connect your dApp to the blockchain in the fastest most reliable way possible using Moralis Speedy Nodes.

Speedy Nodes offer the same functionality as normal Ethereum, Polygon or BSC nodes but come with exceptional speed, reliability and are fully integrated with all Moralis services.

Speedy Nodes

World-Class Node Service

Infinitely Scalable

Running and scaling own node infrastructure is expensive, time-consuming and error-prone. Moralis Speedy Nodes are carefully engineered to handle millions of users and billions of daily requests. Focus on your app and let us do the heavy lifting.

Top Performance and Uptime

Moralis Speedy Nodes run on specially crafted distributed infrastructure that ensures peak performance and uptime. The same infrastructure is used by companies like Netflix and Google to serve billions of requests daily.

Instantly Available

No syncing time, no waiting – get access to all nodes with just one click.

Data Consistency

Our infrastructure ensures data correctness and consistency. All Moralis Speedy Nodes are always fully synced and can accomodate even the most demanding real-time dApps.

Full-Archive Access

Moralis Speedy Nodes give you access to full archive data allowing you to query historical states for both mainnet and testnet.
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Exceptional Support

Our engineers and architects are here to assist you in real time. We’ve got your back 24/7 and you can count on us with your infrastructure.

We are looking forward to serve you. Let’s change the world together!


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