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September 20, 2021

Moralis Announces Full Support for Avalanche

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We at Moralis couldn’t be happier to now announce full support for Avalanche!

Moralis Rolls Out Full Avalanche Support

It’s a delight to officially reveal that Moralis now features full support for Avalanche! This comes just weeks after first launching support for Avalanche nodes through Moralis’ Speedy Nodes. This means Avalanche joins other high-profile projects with full Moralis support, such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.

Moralis’ full Avalanche support means that it is now easier than ever to build dApps on Avalanche. In essence, this will allow developers to leverage all of Moralis’ powerful tools when working with Avalanche. We know that many developers have already begun to take advantage of Moralis’ support for Avalanche nodes since recently launching support for Avalanche nodes. Now, we’re expanding this type of plug-and-play functionality to the wider Moralis SDK.

Full Avalanche support means you’ll log in users and do much more with just a few snippets of code. For example, you’ll be able to view users’ balances and tokens in the Moralis Database or get automatic Moralis Database updates when users move Avalanche assets on-chain. Additionally, it is easier than ever to use Moralis to watch smart contracts, socket connections, and much more. This all works seamlessly with other Moralis functionality, such as Moralis’ Speedy Nodes or authenticating with MetaMask.

Developers will now be able to take advantage of Moralis’ full Avalanche support when building decentralized applications and Web3 projects. Moreover, this also opens up exciting new opportunities for how to work with Moralis Plugins.

About Avalanche

Avalanche was founded by Ava Labs in 2020 and is an open and programmable smart contract platform. Moreover, it looks to enable developers to build dApps on a scalable-centric network with quick time-to-finality. Furthermore, Avalanche enables the creation of interoperable, customized blockchains. Essentially, Avalanche seeks to solve three main problems – those of scalability, interoperability, and transaction fees. 

About Moralis

Moralis is the leading blockchain middleware solution. Put simply, Moralis gives developers access to fully managed, infinitely scalable, serverless blockchain backend infrastructure. As such, programmers do not have to manually set up, manage, maintain and worry about their backend Web3 infrastructure. Additionally, Moralis firmly believes in boosting cross-chain compatibility, which is why it strives to support a long list of projects.

What’s more, Moralis also allows programmers to easily implement complex Web3 functionality with a few lines of code. For example, Moralis features plug-and-play functionality with a long list of features, including the Moralis NFT API for NFT programming or plugins that allow you to, e.g., add a fiat gateway to your dApps. As such, Moralis provides developers with the necessary tools to create and deploy dApps in a matter of minutes and hours, rather than weeks and months.

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