Introducing Self-Hosted Moralis Servers

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We are thrilled to announce that you can now self-host your Moralis server!

Self-Host Your Moralis Server

As part of our ongoing transition to Moralis 2.0, we’re happy to share that you can now self-host your Moralis server!

We’ve released this guide to help you set up your self-hosted server. This will work much like a Moralis server but will let you be in full control.

This gives you complete control over your backend, while still maintaining current functionalities and the same frontend,” said Erno Wever, Moralis’ SDK & Server Lead.

Why self-host your Moralis server?

When you self-host your Moralis server, you stay in complete control of your data, as well as your databases.

Fine-tune the hosting of your server and save time, as well as resources when it comes to managing your project. 

Include custom code, plugins, and packages in your server and cloud code, and enjoy a better developing experience by running the server locally when it’s in development.  

Which features are supported?

With the full version of Moralis 2.0 is being rolled out incrementally, some features will be supported with this update starting now, whilst others are still a work in progress. 

The following features will be supported:

  • Authentication with an EVM chain
  • Make requests to the EVM Api (Web3API) via the server that implements rate-limiting
  • Make requests to the Solana API via the server that implements rate-limiting

We’re currently working on bringing you the following features: 

  • Authentication with a Solana network
  • Sync real-time and historical on-chain data to the database

Compatible with v1 front-ends

This server uses Moralis 2.0 in the backend. You can still use the v1 Javascript SDK in the frontend, as well as react-moralis.

September 8, 2022
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