March 17, 2023

Moralis Launches NFT Image Preview Feature

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We at Moralis are thrilled to release our NFT Image Preview feature!

Moralis Adds NFT Image Previews 

We’re now adding our new “NFT Image Preview” feature to all our existing endpoints that return NFTs. 

Moralis’ NFT Preview Feature allows you to generate thumbnail previews for NFT images. Users can generate NFT thumbnail previews in low, medium, and high resolution. These differently sized images mean that the previews can easily be used for different purposes within users’ applications.

Our NFT Preview Feature has now been integrated across all endpoints that return NFTs. To access NFT image previews, simply set the new query parameter ‘media_items’ to true. For example, try the following link to fetch NFTs for a given wallet, along with image previews:{address}/nft?media_items=true

Our feature already supports image types such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIFs, TIFF etc. Currently WEBP and SVG are not supported, but we are planning to add support for even more media types, such as video, in the future. 

NFT image resolutions can be very large (2 to over 10 MB). Prior to this feature, whenever someone wanted to offer NFT image previews, their users would have to download each NFT as the page rendered, impacting page load times and overall UX. Now, our users have the option to select lower resolution images based on their unique use case. For example, on a list page that might list over 20 NFTs, they can use the low image resolution. This will result in an NFT preview that’s much smaller in size and loads quicker. Whilst on a specific NFT detail page, they might opt for large or original.

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