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Moralis Launches Streams API

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Stream blockchain events and data straight to your backend with Moralis Streams API!

Moralis Streams API

Moralis’ Streams API is the latest addition to the Moralis API suite (which includes our popular NFT API, EVM API, Solana API and more). With this new API, you can get real-time on-chain events sent directly to your backend via webhooks! What does this mean? It means seamless access to:

  • See every time a specified address receives, sends, swaps, stakes, or burns assets
  • Track when battles or events start in your Web3 game or metaverse
  • Monitor when an address joins your token sale

That’s not all! In true Moralis style, the Streams API is fully configurable. Set custom filters to capture the exact on-chain event you need for your project as soon as they fire. 

Moreover, each event comes enriched with important data, such as “tokenName”, “tokenSymbol”, “contractType” (for NFTs), “decimals” (for ERC-20 tokens), and more enriched data events will be added soon. 

Streams API Features

The Streams API is fully typed, and supports the following as of launch:

  • Filters
  • Internal transactions 
  • Contract factories

Moralis Streams vs Moralis Syncs

Some of you will likely be familiar with our old Syncs feature. We took the underlying tech powering Syncs, and opened it up so it’s accessible regardless of your backend. As such, the Moralis Streams API is far more capable.

The Streams API does everything our old Syncs already did, and a whole lot more! You can now add millions of wallets to a single stream, set up filters based on any logic you like, and enjoy much greater flexibility overall. The best part? All this works with any backend!

The next step for the Moralis Streams API will be adding historical events. We’re actively looking into implementing this, so keep an eye out on our socials for announcements. 

How to Use the Moralis Streams API

Ready to get streaming? Check out the Moralis Streams API docs for more details, including a tutorial covering how to use the Moralis SDK to get started in a matter of minutes. 

We can’t wait to see what you build with our Streams API, and we’d like to thank the community and all the beta testers who helped us bring Streams to life. We hope you enjoy using our Streams API! Also, be sure to check out our other great Moralis APIs, like our Web3 Authentication API, as well as our Token API for real-time token data.

Happy building!

October 19, 2022
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MOralis launched
Streams API
Real-Time blockchain data delivered to your backend via webhooks. Used by the biggest dapps.
Real-Time blockchain data delivered to your backend via webhooks. Used by the biggest dapps.
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Real-Time blockchain data delivered to your backend via webhooks. Used by the biggest dapps.
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