Moralis 1.0 Released – Introducing the Moralis ’Enlightenment’ Update

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It’s time to leave the Dark Ages behind… It’s our privilege to announce that Moralis 1.0, the Moralis ’Enlightenment’ Update, is now live!

Announcing Moralis 1.0 – the Moralis ’Enlightenment’ Update

Web3 app development is finally leaving the Dark Ages, with the official release of the Moralis Enlightenment Update!

Moralis is now, as of June 1st, officially out of beta! Moralis is taking the step from beta to full release with Moralis 1.0 (Moralis Version 0.0.224), also known as the Moralis ’Enlightenment’ Update. The path to prosperity for Web3 developers has never been clearer!

Before Moralis came along, developing Web3 apps or dApps was needlessly hard. With the release of the Moralis Enlightenment Update, the old way of developing Web3 apps or dApps suddenly seems hopelessly outdated and feudal. It’s time to leave the archaic hassle of manually setting up, managing, and maintaining your Web3 backend infrastructure behind and embrace an age of Web3 progress and reason.

Moralis is a fully managed, infinitely scalable Web3 backend infrastructure. This means that Moralis lets you quickly prototype, build, and deploy Web3 apps or dApps without worrying about the backend infrastructure.

It doesn’t matter what dApp or Web3 app project you are building – Moralis will save you time, money and resources, and make your development life easier! 

What is Included in Moralis 1.0 Enlightenment?

If you’ve been using Moralis during the Moralis Beta, you will know that we’ve not only been focusing on the glowing praise Moralis has already been getting from the community. We have also been listening closely to what new features our testers wanted us to introduce. The Moralis Enlightenment Update is the result of our testers’ feedback and our team’s tireless pursuit of perfection. The release of Moralis 1.0 also includes a number of smaller fixes. 

Some of the brightest-burning features included in the Moralis Enlightenment Update include:

  • Speedy Nodes –  Easily connect your Web3 app or dApp to the blockchain using Speedy Nodes! Moralis’ Speedy Nodes have all the same functionality as normal Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain nodes, but come with exceptional speed, reliability, and stability.
  • Deep Index API – Stop wasting time syncing nodes and building your own blockchain index! Access all the historical blockchain data you’ll need using Moralis’ Deep Index API. We’ve got you covered with everything from historical transactions to smart contract events and logs.

Other Moralis Features

This Moralis 1.0 functionality comes in addition to all the great features Moralis already had. Less than two weeks ago, we rolled out our Moralis Big EVM Update to beta testers. All the great Historical APIs, Sugar-Coated Syntax, and EVM-related news introduced in that update are part of Moralis 1.0, as well as core Moralis features like:  

  • Authentication and User Profiles – Effortlessly authenticate users with a single line of code. Moralis is the only end-to-end authentication solution combining Web2 and Web3 into a single user profile. Let your users authenticate with MetaMask or other crypto wallets. Moralis automatically populates the database.
  • Data Storage – Do you worry about data storage? Store any user-generated data or file using Moralis, without the need to worry over your content delivery infrastructure. Complete with IPFS support for seamless decentralized data storage.
  • Cloud Functions – Create custom JavaScript functions that are executed in the cloud. These JavaScript functions have CRUD access to storage and the database, can execute smart contracts, and read the state of different blockchains.  
  • Real-Time Database – Our Real-Time Database allows you to store any JSON data and sync data in real-time between users. The Moralis real Time Database is powerful enough to effortlessly be able to handle millions of relations and entries.
  • Real-Time Events – Get webhook or websocket alerts for any changes on the blockchain with Moralis’ Real-Time Events. This could, e.g., be when a smart contract event fires or a user completes a transaction.
  • Cross-Chain Compatibility – Moralis is designed from the ground up to be cross-chain compatible. This means that syncing users, data, and events cross-chain is an easy and smooth process with Moralis. Moralis already supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. 

Learn More About Moralis

Be sure to sign up to Moralis to get more future updates as soon as possible! There’s a lot of exciting stuff planned for future releases of Moralis long after the Moralis Enlightenment Update. Also, be sure to follow the official Moralis Twitter for any breaking news.

If you haven’t already, be sure to enroll in the Moralis Hackathon before its June 15th deadline! The 2021 Moralis Hackathon will see participants compete for a total prize pool of $50,000. A number of high-profile partners have joined in supporting the Moralis Hackathon, including Chainlink, Polkastarter, TrustSwap, Polygon, and Polkamon, just to name a few.


June 1, 2021
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Real-Time blockchain data delivered to your backend via webhooks. Used by the biggest dapps.
Real-Time blockchain data delivered to your backend via webhooks. Used by the biggest dapps.
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Real-Time blockchain data delivered to your backend via webhooks. Used by the biggest dapps.
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