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May 19, 2021

Introducing the Moralis Big EVM Update (Version 0.0.221)

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Today, we’re thrilled to announce the release of Moralis’ ”Big EVM Update” (Moralis Version 0.0.221). As its name implies, the Big EVM Update brings a slew of new Ethereum Virtual Machine-related features, breaking changes, as well as numerous smaller fixes. 

Moralis’ Big EVM Update rolls out 16:00 CETMay 19th, 2021. Read on for the full breakdown of breaking changes and new functionality introduced in the update!

What’s New in Moralis’ Big EVM Update?

The following changelog summarizes the most notable updates to Moralis Version 0.0.221, also known as Moralis’ Big EVM Update. This update brings both breaking changes to Moralis, as well as a number of fixes. 

Changes in Moralis Version 0.0.221 (Big EVM Update)

  • EVM Integration: Moralis Server now works with multiple chains and testnets. When a new server is created or when creating a new plugin, you will now need to specify with which chain you would like this plugin to work.
  • New EVMs: Moralis Version 0.0.221 introduces support for EVM-compatible chains. Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Binance Smart Chain Testnet are now available.
  • Historical API: Each Moralis Server instance now has rest endpoints for querying transactions, events, blocks, token metadata, balances, and more. You can access the Open API documentation at:
  • Sugar-Coated Syntax: EthNFTTokenOwners is now EthNFTOwners
  • Sugar-Coated Syntax: EthNFTTokenTransfers is now EthNFTTransfers
  • _EthAddress will no longer contain the balance and synced progress of an address; instead, a new table is created based on the EVM (EthBalance, BscBalance, etc.).
  • Moralis Version 0.0.221 introduces pending/confirmed transactions. These will be placed on a pending state for an amount of block until fully confirmed, depending on the EVM transactions. Transfers will contain a new column called confirmed (true/false), and the balance will be placed on a temporary table (EthBalancePending / BscBalancePending) and NFTOwners too (EthNFTOwnersPending / BscNFTOwnersPending).
  • Creating a plugin now accepts multiple addresses separated by comma (,)
  • All BIGINT values are converted to string in the DB due to JS limitations; this includes values on NFTOwners and NFTTransfers tables.
  • All new servers have better hardware so expect a boost in performance.
  • Improved cached balances when synchronizing a new address, making historical syncs 400% faster than before.
  • Updated [email protected] to support EVM.

Fixes in Moralis Version 0.0.221 (Big EVM Update)

  • Fixed an issue that caused some NFT not to be saved on the database.
  • Fixed an issue where some NFT would be saved twice on the database.
  • FIxed an issue where connection to the node would be lost and the connection was not retried.
  • Fixed an issue where the instance became unresponsive while uploading images/videos.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing transactions and transfers to contain an undefined block_timestamp

Developing with Moralis

Moralis is the way Web3 apps and dApps are meant to be developed. It is a fully managed, infinitely scalable backend infrastructure for building Web3 apps or dApps. What’s more, Moralis allows developers to quickly prototype, build and deploy their Web3 apps without the hassle traditionally associated with Web3 development. As such, this means that developers can focus on what they do best. Be sure to check out Moralis’ full feature set – which is about to get even better with the Moralis Big EVM Update!

It’s still not too late to enroll in the 2021 Moralis Hackathon! Show off your development skills, build the dApp of your dreams, and compete for a total prize pool of $50,000. The 2021 Moralis Hackathon runs until the 15th of June, so be sure to enroll while the opportunity lasts. Read more about the Moralis Hackathon on the Moralis website!

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