October 4, 2022

BNB Chain Joins Moralis x Google Defining DeFi Hackathon as Gold Tier Sponsor

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We’re excited to announce BNB Chain as an official Gold Tier Sponsor for the Moralis x Google 2022 Defining DeFi Hackathon!

We are thrilled that BNB Chain has officially joined the 2022 Moralis x Google Defining DeFi Hackathon as a Gold Tier Sponsor! The event runs until late November 2022, with a prize pool of $165,000. 

“We’re very excited to welcome BNB Chain aboard this hackathon as Gold Tier Sponsors,” Ivan on Tech, Founder and CEO of Moralis, said. “BNB Chain is a fantastic and vibrant ecosystem and a great place to deploy cutting edge DeFi dapps. It’s an ideal fit with Moralis too, so we’re sure to see some amazing builds during this event!”

The Moralis x Google Defining DeFi is the perfect opportunity for Web3 developers to bring their dream DeFi projects to life on the dedicated BNB Chain track. The prize pool currently stands at over $150,000. 

Teams can participate in the 2022 Moralis x Google Defining DeFi hackathon by registering at the official Defining DeFi website. Hackathon workshops start on the 10th of October. 

About BNB Chain

BNB Chain is a high-performing blockchain ecosystem ready for massive user access. The extensive documentation, a plethora of popular programming language support, and flexible tools make BNB Chain the perfect place for developers to launch their dapps. 

About Moralis 

Moralis brings the ease of Web2 development to Web3. Moralis’ suite of enterprise-grade APIs enables projects to build and deploy quickly to a number of blockchain ecosystems, including BNB Chain. This means developers can easily build BNB Chain dapps using Moralis.

Access blockchain data in real-time using the Moralis EVM API, NFT API, and Solana API, and effortlessly set up and manage cross-chain user profiles with the Moralis Web3 Authentication API. 

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