November 24, 2023

Moralis Dapp Store – Exploring the Web3 Wiki

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Moralis Dapp Store - Exploring the Web3 Wiki

Navigating the vast Web3 landscape – characterized by rapid growth and myriads of decentralized applications (dapps) – can be challenging. However, thanks to dapp stores, users can quickly and easily discover and explore new and old Web3 projects. But with numerous alternatives available, which dapp store stands out as the best? This article introduces you to the industry’s premier option: Moralis’ Web3 Wiki!


In today’s article, we’ll kick things off by diving straight into the intricacies of dapp stores. From there, we’ll show you how to discover new projects using Moralis’ Web3 Wiki. Next, we will also answer the question, ”Is there a cross-chain dapp store?”. In doing so, we’ll explore the cross-chain capabilities of Moralis’ Web3 Wiki. From there, we’ll explain why the Web3 Wiki is the premier alternative compared to the dapp stores from Alchemy, DappRadar, and MetaOne. Lastly, to top things off, we’ll dive deeper into Moralis’ Web3 API suite – introducing you to the easiest way to build projects you can get listed on a dapp store! 

So, if you want to get into the Web3 development part immediately, feel free to jump straight into the ”Build Your Own Dapp and Get Listed in a Dapp Store” section. And if this is the case, don’t forget to sign up with Moralis right away. You can create an account free of charge, and you’ll gain immediate access to all our industry-leading Web3 APIs! 

Art image - Moralis Web3 Wiki Dapp Store title

So, what is a dapp store? Join us below as we kickstart this article by addressing that question!

What is a Dapp Store? 

A dapp store is a user-friendly platform that allows you and other crypto enthusiasts to browse the blockchain space, providing a straightforward venue for discovering and exploring new Web3 projects. You can essentially think of these platforms as conventional app stores designed explicitly for decentralized applications (dapps). And these decentralized apps run on blockchain networks like Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Smart Chain (BSC)! 

There’s a wide range of dapp stores available on the market, and they can have their own set of unique features and niches. However, most allow you to seamlessly filter through the extensive Web3 ecosystem using various parameters. As such, with a prominent dapp store, you can effortlessly find relevant and exciting projects without having to sift through the entire Web3 space manually. 

But with numerous options available, which is the best dapp store? 

Many of the available dapp stores have issues with outdated content and need constant editorial oversight. As such, most of the information featured on these platforms is generally unreliable. And with this in mind, we built Moralis’ Web3 Wiki – the blockchain industry’s #1 dapp store! 

Dapp store UI (user interface) of Moralis Web3 Wiki

The Web3 Wiki from Moralis is the easiest way to discover and explore new projects. This dapp store also works as a comprehensive database for all major platforms in Web3. So, if you’re eager to explore new dapps, gain insight into any Web3 project, and access relevant links for further exploration, then the go-to destination is Moralis’ Web3 Wiki.

How to Discover New Dapps 

When working with the Web3 Wiki, it has never been easier to discover new and exciting dapps. And with our powerful filters, you can seamlessly comb through the entire Web3 space for relevant projects without breaking a sweat! 

However, how does this work? 

Title - Discover New Dapps With Dapp Stores

Well, with the Web3 Wiki, you have several options for discovering new dapps. For one, you can effortlessly use the dapp store’s sidebar to filter through the market by blockchain network and category. 

The blockchain filter lets you decide precisely what chains you want to browse. Some examples of supported networks include Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, and many others. And with the category filter, you can discover specific types of projects, including DAOs, DeFi dapps, infrastructure tools, etc. 

Along with the sidebar, the Web3 Wiki features special dapp store category pages. And by exploring these, you can effortlessly discover all dapps of a particular category. For instance, do you want an overview of all the biggest blockchains? If so, visit the “Blockchains” page!

Furthermore, along with allowing you to discover new dapps, you can also use the Web3 Wiki to research projects of interest. All you have to do is use the search feature at the top right: 

Search field in the Moralis dapp store called Web3 Wiki

For instance, let’s search for MetaMask as an example: 

Searching for dapp inside the Web3 Wiki - MetaMask search example

Doing so takes you to the following page, where you can find general information about MetaMask and any other relevant project. What’s more, you’ll also find relevant links so you can research the dapp further or easily start using MetaMask:

MetaMask dapp store landing page example

Is There a Cross-Chain Dapp Store? 

Is there a dapp store for Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and the other major chains all rolled into one? Yes, there is – the Moralis dapp store: Web3 Wiki!

The Web3 Wiki is cross-chain compatible, supporting all big blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Solana, and many others. Consequently, this is the only dapp store you need for researching and finding new, exciting Web3 projects.

So, if you’ve been asking yourself: “Is there a dapp store for all major chains rolled into one?”. Then look no further and check out the Web3 Wiki immediately! 

Showing numerous compatible blockchain networks for Moralis dapp store

If you’re into Web3 development, you should also know that all Moralis APIs are cross-chain compatible. As such, when working with our tools, you can effortlessly build dapps on any network you choose. However, we’ll dive deeper into Moralis’ Web3 APIs in the ”Build Your Own Dapp and Get Listed in a Dapp Store” section.

Top Alternative to Alchemy Dapp Store, DappRadar Dapp Store & MetaOne Dapp Store 

There are multiple dapp stores on the market, and anyone active in Web3 will likely have stumbled upon either Alchemy’s dapp store, DappRadar’s dapp store, or MetaOne’s dapp store. 

However, when browsing either of these stores, it becomes clear that several significant problems exist. For one, much of the content is outdated and needs an editorial overview. This is why the Web3 Wiki has emerged as the top alternative for the dapp stores from Alchemy, DappRadar, MetaOne, and most dapp stores in general.

With a strong focus on reliability and range, the Web3 Wiki clearly stands out as the industry’s premier dapp store. And it is the ultimate one-stop shop for being informed about Web3 projects and discovering new dapps!

Art image - Moralis M logo

You can use the Web3 Wiki as a great source of inspiration for your own dapps. Once you know what you want to build, you can quickly launch your projects with Moralis. If you’d like to learn more about this, join us in the next section as we dive into the intricacies of Moralis’ industry-leading Web3 API suite!

Build Your Own Dapp and Get Listed in a Dapp Store 

Now, with an overview of the Web3 Wiki, you might be interested in building your own blockchain-based project to get listed in a dapp store. If this is the case, join us in this section as we explore Moralis’ industry-leading Web3 API suite.

Moralis is the industry’s #1 Web3 API provider, and our enterprise-grade development tools make Web3 development as accessible as Web2. Consequently, when working with Moralis, building everything from NFT marketplaces to Web3 wallets has never been easier. 

Title - Get Listed in a Dapp Store - Art illustration

However, why should you leverage Moralis’ APIs when building Web3 projects? 

To answer the aforementioned question, let’s take a closer look at three prominent benefits of our premier interfaces:

  • Top Performance: Moralis provides the industry’s top-performing APIs. You can pick any metric of your choosing – whether you want to judge by reliability, data coverage, or speed – our APIs consistently outperform the competition. 
  • Unparalleled Scalability: With Moralis’ Web3 APIs, you get to experience unparalleled scalability. Consequently, as your projects grow, you don’t need to worry about performance, as our APIs will have no trouble handling the increase in traffic. 
  • Cross-Chain Compatability: All Moralis’ Web3 APIs support multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Solana, BSC, Polygon, Arbitrum, and many others. As such, when working with Moralis, you can seamlessly leverage our tools to build cross-chain compatible dapps. 

Now, with an overview of Moralis and why you should leverage our tools to build dapps, let’s get a bit more specific and look closer at some of our most prominent Web3 APIs! 

Wallet API

Moralis’ Wallet API is the perfect tool for building Web3 wallets and integrating wallet functionality into your dapps. The Wallet API supports more than 500+ million addresses across all major EVM chains, including Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, and many others! 

Wallet API from Moralis Dapp store

Furthermore, the Wallet API includes numerous impressive features, exceptional scalability, and high flexibility. With only single lines of code, you can effortlessly get wallet balances, look up chain activity, fetch real-time transactions, and much more.

If you’d like a practical example of how you can use the Wallet API, read our guide on how to check wallet activity


Moralis’ NFT API is the industry’s premier tool for anyone looking to build NFT-based projects. The NFT API covers more than three million NFT collections across ten+ EVM chains. This includes everything from well-established projects like CryptoPunks and Pudgy Penguins to tokens that dropped just moments ago!

NFT API from Moralis Web3 Wiki store

The NFT API lets you seamlessly get real-time transfers, on-chain price data, NFT balances, and much more, with only single lines of code. Consequently, when working with the NFT API, it has never been easier to build everything from NFT marketplaces to blockchain-based games.

Token API 

The Token API is the perfect tool for querying and integrating real-time ERC-20 data into your dapps. This interface supports every single token across all major EVM chains. And this includes stablecoins, meme coins, governance tokens, staking tokens, and much more! 

Token API Dapp Store product landing page art image

With only single calls to the Token API, you can effortlessly get token prices, wallet balances, transfers, and much more. As such, when working with the Web3 development tool, you can build everything from crypto wallets to decentralized exchanges (DEXs) in a heartbeat.  

Streams API 

Moralis’ Streams API is the ultimate tool for setting up Web3 alerts to get notified about critical on-chain events. Furthermore, this interface covers more than 44 million addresses and supports all types of events, NFTs, smart contracts, wallets, etc.

dapp store products - Streams API

With the Streams API, you can set up streams to get customizable updates sent directly to the backend of your project via Web3 webhooks whenever something of importance happens on the blockchain. As such, with this tool, you can effortlessly build dapps – such as a real-time wallet tracker or a trading platform – that require updates about events in real time!

Blockchain API 

The Blockchain API is an industry-leading tool that allows you to seamlessly unlock the power of blockchain data with precision. With only single lines of code, you can get everything from block data, contract logs, events, and much more. As such, with the Blockchain API, you can seamlessly build everything from block explorers to trading platforms.

Moralis Blockchain API marketing banner - art image

If you’d like to learn more about how you can leverage this tool, please read our Blockchain API tutorial.

Nevertheless, that covers five of our most prominent interfaces. If you want to explore the rest, please check out our Web3 API page!

Summary: Exploring the Web3 Wiki – The #1 Dapp Store

Today’s article introduced you to the Web3 industry’s premier dapp store: Moralis’ Web3 Wiki. The Web3 Wiki streamlines the process of discovering and exploring dapps, allowing you to navigate the Web3 space seamlessly! With the Web3 Wiki, you can use filters to find unique and specific Web3 projects. And thanks to the cross-chain capabilities of this store, you can also find dapps across all major blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, and many others. 

As such, when working with the Web3 Wiki, it has never been easier to discover and explore new dapps! 

In addition to exploring the Web3 Wiki, we also introduced you to Moralis’ Web3 API suite. In doing so, we covered some of our most prominent interfaces, including the NFT API, Wallet API, Token API, etc.

If you want access to these industry-leading interfaces, don’t forget to sign up with Moralis. You can create an account for free, and the full power of blockchain technology is only a few clicks away! 

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