Unleash Web3's most powerful NFT API - Moralis

Unleash Web3's most powerful NFT API

Power the next big NFT project with Moralis' unrivaled cross-chain NFT API!

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What does Moralis NFT API do?

Enriched metadata

Access fully enriched and normalized metadata on NFT collections and individual tokens, including traits and attributes, through a single API call.

Real-time NFT transfer data

Get all the latest NFT transfer data, whether you need transfer history for specific NFTs, wallets, or tracking real-time transfers.

Instant NFT ownership data

Track NFT ownership across the blockchain with just one API call, enabling token-gated content and enhanced creator control.

Advanced spam detection

Protect your platform from undesirable NFTs with collection spam indicators.

On-chain pricing data

Incorporate on-chain pricing data within your dapps such as last sale prices and lowest sold for prices

Optimized image previews

Benefit from dynamically sized image previews and image conversions to user-friendly formats.

Lightning-fast speed

Experience unmatched performance for fetching NFTs, powered by Moralis’ blazing fast CDNs.

Alerts & notifications

Plug and play with our Streams API to get real notifications on NFT trades, NFTs mints and marketplace orders.

Cross-chain compatible

Imagine an Ethereum NFT API, Polygon NFT API, BNB Chain NFT API, Arbitrum NFT API and more, all rolled into one!

3 million NFT collections and counting Across 10+ EVM chains

From CryptoPunks, Nakamigos and Pudgy Penguins through to NFTs that have just dropped in the last few seconds….we’ve got them all covered.

Leverage the same NFT API like some of the biggest Web3 dapps

Case Studies

Take it from our customers

Build the next big thing

NFT marketplaces

Enhance your platform with rich NFT data and metadata, boosting user engagement.

Cryptocurrency wallets

Improve wallet functionality by incorporating NFT ownership and transfer data.

Analytics tools

Equip your analytics toolset with the most comprehensive NFT data available.

Token gating

Provide exclusive access to your daps by leveraging NFT ownership data.