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Unlock the power of raw blockchain data with precision and pace, thanks to our leading EVM Blockchain API.

Features of our
Industry-Leading Blockchain API

Blocks across multiple blockchain networks

Swiftly access detailed information on specific blocks across multiple blockchains. Ideal for the construction and scaling of your dapps


Experience real-time access to any wallet's cross-chain transactions, arranged neatly by block number.

Internal Transactions

Delve deeper with internal transaction data per block, transaction, or wallet address.


Get hold of all the logs and events for contracts across diverse blockchains, boosting the efficiency of your dapp development.

Raw & Decoded

Experience data in its rawest form, directly from the blockchain, or opt for decoded data based on contract ABls.


Easily interpret transactions with enriched data-labeling such as sender and receiver address labels.

Block Metrics

Utilize comprehensive block summaries, covering total transactions, transfers, mints, and more.


Our Blockchain API is designed for growth. As your dapp expands, so too does our capacity to deliver. We've built scalability into the very heart of our Blockchain API, ensuring that it scales together with your project and the blockchain ecosystem at large.


Blockchain data accuracy is paramount. We strive to offer precise, reliable data, and our Blockchain API is no exception. By providing high-accuracy blockchain data, we furnish your dapps with a dependable foundation for success.


Time is of the essence in the blockchain space. Our Blockchain API thrives on speed, indexing data in real-time, and ensuring you have immediate access to the freshest blockchain information.


We believe in data that's both detailed and digestible. Our Blockchain API organizes blocks into transactions, transfers, and logs, offering you a structured, easy-to-navigate data landscape.

Turn Raw Data Into Powerful Dapps

Our Blockchain API acts as the foundation for some of the most popular dapps in Web3.

Build your own Web3 Wallet 
with a few lines of code

Get Block by Hash

Retrieve an entire block’s data, transactions and logs for a specific block using its unique hash identifier or block number.

Moralis.EvmApi.wallet.getTransactions ()
Fetch Transactions for a Wallet

Access all the transactions associated with a particular wallet address, including inbound and outbound transfers.

Fetch Internal Transactions 
for a Wallet

Fetch internal (or contract-to-contract) transactions related to a specific wallet, which are often overlooked in traditional transaction data.

Get Logs for a Smart Contract

Access the event logs of a specified smart contract, offering a detailed record of contract interactions and state changes.

Harness Web3’s most powerful Blockchain API