March 27, 2023

MATIC Faucet – Free Polygon Testnet Faucet 2023

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Access the Leading MATIC Faucet From Moralis

In this article, we will cover a complete step-by-step breakdown of how to get Polygon testnet tokens using a MATIC faucet. You can find a brief outline of the three-step tutorial down below: 

  1. Download and Set Up a Web3 Wallet – Download and set up a crypto wallet like MetaMask. 
  1. Add the Polygon Mumbai Testnet – Go to ”“, scroll down, and add the Mumbai testnet by clicking on ”Add Mumbai Network”: 
PolygonScan Landing Page to Add Mumbai
  1. Get Testnet Tokens Using the MATIC Faucet – Navigate to the testnet faucet page from Moralis by clicking on the ”Get Testnet Funds” button above. From there, scroll down and select the ”Mumbai Faucet” alternative: 
Testnet Faucets List Outlining Various Tools Including the MATIC Faucet

Next, add your wallet address and click on ”Submit”:

MATIC Faucet Landing Page with Essential Parameters

That’s it! That is how you effortlessly get Polygon testnet tokens using a MATIC faucet! From here, you can start building and testing projects on Polygon’s Mumbai testnet in a heartbeat!

For a more in-depth walkthrough, join us in this article as we cover each step in further detail. 

If you are serious about building Polygon projects, remember to sign up with Moralis. Creating an account is free, and you get immediate access to all enterprise-grade Web3 APIs from Moralis. With these tools, you can start leveraging the full power of blockchain technology to build Web3 platforms smarter and more efficiently!

Build and Scale Your Polygon Projects with Moralis and the MATIC Faucet - Sign Up Today


This article will teach you how to get Polygon testnet tokens using a MATIC faucet in three steps: 

  1. Download and Set Up MetaMask
  2. Add the Polygon Mumbai Testnet
  3. Get Polygon Testnet Tokens Using a MATIC Faucet

By completing these steps, you will be able to acquire testnet MATIC in minutes. From there, you will be able to use these tokens in your development endeavors and start building sophisticated Polygon projects! 

In combination with a comprehensive tutorial on using a MATIC faucet, this article also features a section introducing Polygon and the Mumbai testnet. As such, if you are not all that familiar with this network, make sure to scroll down and start with the ”Polygon 101 – What is Polygon?” section to get up to speed. Now, if you already know how to use a MATIC faucet, you might want to put your skills to use and start building more advanced projects. If so, check out our article on how to create a blockchain explorer!

If you want to truly leverage the power of Web3, remember to sign up with Moralis. Creating your account is free, and you gain immediate access to Moralis’ industry-leading development tools! 

Web3 Tools Landing Page

Tutorial: Get Polygon Testnet Tokens Using a MATIC Faucet in 3 Steps 

In the three sections to follow, we will immediately jump into the article’s central tutorial and show you how to get testnet tokens using a MATIC faucet. We will be using a MetaMask wallet to demonstrate the process. However, if you prefer using another alternative, you can still follow along, as the fundamental principles remain the same for all wallet providers! 

Title - MetaMask + Polygon MATIC

Also, note that the initial step revolves around downloading and setting up MetaMask. As such, if you already have a Web3 wallet, feel free to jump into the second step, where we will show you how to add the Polygon Mumbai testnet. Otherwise, if you are new to the Web3 development space, join us in the first step as we will show you how to set up MetaMask from scratch! 

Step 1: Download and Set Up MetaMask 

The first thing you need to do is download the MetaMask browser extension. To do so, visit ”” and hit the ”Download” button further down left on the landing page: 

Next, add the MetaMask extension to your browser by hitting the ”Add to …” button: 

After downloading the extension, you will automatically be redirected to the page below. Here you get the option to either create a new wallet from scratch or import an existing one:

As soon as you are done creating or importing your wallet, you should now be ready to interact with your MetaMask account, and it will look something like this: 

Step 2: Add the Polygon Mumbai Testnet 

MetaMask accounts do, unfortunately, not support the Polygon Mumbai testnet by default. Consequently, you are required to add this blockchain network manually to be able to use the MATIC faucet. There are multiple ways in which you can add the Mumbai testnet, but the easiest option is to use PolygonScan. 

So, visit ”“, scroll down, and click on the ”Add Mumbai Network” button at the bottom right:

Clicking on this button prompts your MetaMask wallet, and you can progress by hitting ”Approve”: 

From there, you can also go ahead and immediately switch to the Polygon Mumbai testnet by clicking on ”Switch network”:  

As a result, you should now have added and switched to the Mumbai testnet: 

What’s more, as the print screen above illustrates, your wallet will initially have a balance of zero MATIC tokens. However, we will show you how to add testnet tokens using the MATIC faucet in the third and final step! 

Step 3: Get Polygon Testnet Tokens Using a MATIC Faucet 

For the final step, start by copying your wallet address at the top of the MetaMask interface: 

With your wallet address at your disposal, visit the testnet faucets page (linked at the outset of this article) and hit the ”See faucet list” button: 

Visiting Testnet Faucet Page from Moralis

From there, click on the ”Try Now” button for the ”Mumbai Faucet” option: 

MATIC Faucet Button

Once you click on this button, the following page should open in a new tab:

MATIC Faucet App to Get Testnet Tokens

Here, you must select the desired network and token, along with inputting your MetaMask wallet address. From there, you can simply hit ”Submit”, followed by ”Confirm”: 

Entering Wallet Credentials to Get Tokens from the MATIC Faucet

As soon as the transaction finalizes, you can navigate back to MetaMask, and you should now have received some Mumbai testnet MATIC: 

Result of Using MATIC Faucet - 2 MATIC Deposited Into User Wallet

That’s it! This is how easy it is to get testnet tokens when working with Moralis and the best Polygon faucet! 

From here, you can now use your newly acquired MATIC to build and test projects on Polygon’s Mumbai testnet. If you are looking for inspiration for your next Polygon project, feel free to check out our article on how to build a Polygon portfolio tracker

Polygon 101 – What is Polygon? 

Polygon (formerly known as the ”Matic network”) is one of the most prominent layer-2 (L2) Ethereum scaling platforms. The Polygon chain is a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain network running alongside Ethereum. What’s more, this network was initially introduced as a solution to the scalability and usability issues of the Ethereum blockchain

Polygon is able to address these issues by handling transactions on a separate EVM-compatible blockchain. From there, the network returns transactions to the Ethereum mainnet for post-processing. Consequently, it lowers the Ethereum network’s workload and presents a more economically viable alternative for processing transactions.

In addition, the Polygon network features its own cryptocurrency called MATIC. The MATIC token has three core functions within the Polygon ecosystem:

  1. It is used to pay transaction fees on the Polygon network.
  2. MATIC is used for staking, meaning users can lock up their tokens to participate in the network’s staking mechanism to earn additional tokens.
  3. MATIC is additionally used for governance, meaning that token holders get to vote on changes to the Polygon network.

Even though Polygon can offer lower transaction fees than Ethereum, users still need to pay for transactions. When developing decentralized applications (dapps) and other Web3 platforms, this can become economically unviable. To avoid unnecessary development costs, developers are therefore utilizing testnets like Mumbai! 

The Mumbai Testnet Explained 

Mumbai is one of the Polygon network’s primary testnets. The Mumbai network follows the general guidelines for testnets as it is a replica of the Polygon mainnet. Consequently, Mumbai serves the Polygon community by providing a safe and secure environment for testing protocol updates, dapps, and smart contracts. This means developers can use the Mumbai testnet to try out their projects before committing to the Polygon mainnet. 

However, since Mumbai is a replica of the Polygon mainnet, users still need to pay for transactions on this network. Fortunately, this is where cryptocurrency faucets enter the equation! So, what exactly is a Polygon faucet? If you are looking for the answer to this question, join us in the next section as we answer just that! 

What is a Polygon MATIC Faucet? 

Even though the Mumbai testnet is closely tied to the Polygon mainnet, these networks do not share the same native token. Mumbai features so-called testnet MATIC tokens, which are used to pay for transactions on this network. Unlike mainnet tokens, it is possible to acquire testnet MATIC through a Polygon faucet for free! 

Crypto faucets are generally web-based applications enabling anyone to acquire free tokens. These apps often feature a minimal interface where users only need to enter their wallet address and hit a button. In return, the faucet provides the supplied address with a fixed amount of testnet tokens. This is precisely the function a MATIC faucet provides for the Mumbai testnet.

Title - What is a Polygon MATIC Faucet?

In conclusion, a Polygon faucet is often a web application allowing developers to acquire free MATIC testnet tokens for the Mumbai network. From there, the tokens provided can be used to pay for transactions on the Mumbai testnet. Consequently, developers can avoid committing real mainnet tokens during the development phases of their projects! 

Now, with a more profound understanding of what a MATIC faucet is, you might be asking yourself, ”where do I find the best Polygon faucet?”. The answer to this question is the Moralis testnet faucets page. Not only does this page feature the best MATIC faucet but several other alternatives alike. Here are three examples: 

Build on Polygon With Moralis 

Now that you know how to acquire testnet tokens with a MATIC faucet, it is time to start building Polygon projects. If this is your ambition, you might want to check out Moralis. Moralis is the premier blockchain infrastructure provider, supplying enterprise-grade development tools like SDKs, Web3 APIs, and more! 

Registering with Moralis gives you immediate access to amazing tools like the Web3 Data API and Moralis Streams API. With the Web3 Data API, you can effortlessly query, fetch, and understand data in a heartbeat. Additionally, with the Streams API, you can easily set up Web3 streams to monitor any blockchain events that might interest you. So, with these application programming interfaces, you can build Polygon projects smarter and more efficiently! 

What’s more, along with Polygon, Moralis also supports a selection of the most prominent blockchain networks. This includes Ethereum, BNB Chain, Optimism, Aptos, and many others. Consequently, due to Moralis’ cross-chain capabilities, you do not limit yourself to one single network and can easiest port projects across chains with only minor code configurations.

Also, did we mention that you can access all these features for free? All you need to do is create your free account now and start leveraging the full power of the Web3 industry! 

Summary – How to Get Testnet Tokens Using a MATIC Faucet 

In this tutorial, we taught you how to get tokens using a Mumbai faucet in three steps: 

  1. Download and Set Up MetaMask
  2. Add the Polygon Mumbai Testnet
  3. Get Polygon Testnet Tokens Using a MATIC Faucet

If you have followed along this far, you now know how to use a MATIC faucet to get free testnet tokens. As a result, you can start testing your project to make sure it works correctly before launching on the mainnet! Also, from here, you can start building your own dapps and Web3 platforms for the Polygon network! 

In addition, if you liked this article, you might also want to check out other guides and tutorials here on the Web3 blog. For instance, if you want to learn more about faucets, check out our article exploring the market’s most popular Aptos faucet! Plus, do not forget to sign up with Moralis. You can create an account for free and gain immediate access to enterprise-grade development tools. So, join industry leaders like MetaMask, NFTrade, and Polygon in leveraging the power of Moralis today! 

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