December 14, 2023

Holesky Faucet – How to Get Free Holesky Testnet Funds 

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Graphic image title - Get Free Holesky Faucet Funds

In today’s tutorial, we’ll show you how to get free testnet tokens using a Holesky faucet. And if you want to get straight into the action, here’s a quick three-step breakdown of the entire tutorial: 

  1. Get an Ethereum-Compatible Wallet – If you don’t already have one, start by setting up an Ethereum-compatible wallet. In our case, we’ll be using MetaMask.
  2. Add and Switch to the Holesky Testnet – Head over to ””, scroll down, and click on the ”Add Holesky Test Network” button:
Switching to the Holesky testnet in MetaMask
  1. Use a Holesky Faucet to Get Free Tokens – Visit Moralis’ crypto faucets page by clicking on the green ”Get Free Testnet Funds” button above. From there, hit the ”See faucet list”, click on ”Try Now” for the Holesky testnet alternative, follow the instructions, and claim your tokens: 
Clicking on Holesky Faucet List

That’s it; getting testnet tokens using a Holesky faucet doesn’t have to be harder than that. However, if you want a more in-depth walkthrough, join us in this tutorial, as we’ll cover each step in further detail later on!


We’ll kickstart today’s tutorial by diving into the Holesky testnet. From there, we’ll explore the intricacies of Holesky faucets, where we’re going to learn what they are and how they work. Next, we’ll explore Moralis’ crypto faucets page, where you can find faucets for more than ten testnets, including Holesky, Sepolia, Goerli, and many others. Then, we’ll dive into our three-step tutorial and show you how to leverage a crypto faucet to get Holesky testnet tokens. Lastly, to top things off, we’ll introduce you to Moralis and our industry-leading APIs, as this is the easiest way to build Web3 projects! 

In Moralis’ suite of premier APIs, you’ll find multiple interfaces for various use cases. For example, with the NFT API, you can seamlessly build NFT dapps. And with the Wallet API, you can effortlessly take on crypto wallet development.

Moralis Logo in blue and grey \

Also, did you know you can access all our premier interfaces for free? All you have to do is sign up with Moralis, and you can start building Web3 projects faster and more efficiently! 

Nevertheless, without further delay, let’s explore the ins and outs of the Holesky testnet!

What is the Holesky Testnet? 

When interacting with blockchain networks like Ethereum, you generally need to pay gas fees. And these fees can be quite exorbitant from time to time. As such, it doesn’t make sense to build and test decentralized applications (dapps) and other Web3 projects directly on the Ethereum mainnet. Fortunately, this is where testnets like Holesky enter the equation! 

But what are testnets? And what is Holesky? 

Testnets are almost identical copies of their respective main networks. However, instead of being used for actual value transfers and transactions, they are used for development and testing purposes. Consequently, a testnet basically provides a simulation of the mainnet where you can develop, design, and test projects, dapps, smart contracts, protocol upgrades, and more in a safe environment. 

Ethereum logo with blockchain components like faucets and testnets in the background

Holesky – also known as Holešky – launched in September 2023. And it is, along with the Sepolia testnet, one of Ethereum’s primary testnets that haven’t been deprecated. This means that Holesky is currently being maintained by client developers, ensuring it remains an accurate testing environment. 

Moreover, Holesky is the first merged-from-genesis, public Ethereum testnet, and it’s scheduled to replace Goerli as Ethereum’s primary infrastructure, staking, and protocol testnet during 2023. To learn more about this, check out our Ethereum testnet guide, where we explore all of Ethereum’s testnets in further detail.

Nevertheless, that gives you an overview of the Holesky testnet. In the next section, we’ll explore the ins and outs of faucets! 

What is a Holesky Testnet Faucet? 

Even though Holesky is a testnet, the network still requires you to pay gas fees. Fortunately, it is possible to get free testnet tokens using a Holesky faucet! 

But what exactly are Holesky faucets? 

A Holesky faucet is a website, application, or other platform distributing small amounts of testnet tokens. The best faucets typically feature minimal and straightforward user interfaces where you input your wallet address, click a button, and get free tokens in return. 

Physical faucet depicted as a Holesky faucet - graphic art image

From there, you can use your newly acquired tokens to pay the gas fees on the Holesky testnet. Consequently, by using tools like a Holesky faucet, you don’t need to use any assets with real monetary value when building and testing dapps, protocol upgrades, or any other Web3 project! 

However, finding legitimate and straightforward crypto faucets that don’t require you to complete tasks or sign up in exchange for the testnet funds can be somewhat challenging. And as you can imagine, this can quickly become bothersome when developing. And this is precisely why we have compiled a list of pure faucets, which we’ll explore in the next section! 

How to Find the Best Crypto Faucets 

To make it easy for you to find legitimate and straightforward faucets, we launched Moralis’ crypto faucets page. On this site, you’ll find a curated list of pure faucets that don’t require any account signups, tweet verifications, or other BS! 

Going to Moralis Testnet Faucet Page

Moreover, the crypto faucets page features platforms for ten+ testnets, including Holesky, Sepolia, Goerli, Mumbai, and many others. Consequently, it doesn’t matter if you’re developing dapps for Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, or any other network; Moralis has got you covered.

If you want to explore crypto faucets for networks other than Holesky, check out a few examples in the list below: 

Nevertheless, now that you know where you can find the best crypto faucets, let’s take a closer look at how you can use them!

3-Step Tutorial: How to Get Testnet Funds Using a Holesky Faucet 

In this section, we’ll show you how to get testnet tokens using a Holesky faucet in three straightforward steps: 

  1. Get an Ethereum-Compatible Wallet
  2. Add and Switch to the Holesky Testnet
  3. Use a Holesky Faucet to Get Free Tokens

The initial step of the tutorial revolves around the process of setting up an Ethereum-compatible Web3 wallet. As such, if you already have one, feel free to skip straight into the second part. 

Otherwise, join us below as we kickstart today’s tutorial by showing you how to set up your very own crypto wallet! 

Step 1: Get an Ethereum-Compatible Wallet 

The first thing you’ll need to get free Holesky testnet funds from a faucet is an Ethereum-compatible crypto wallet. Here, you have multiple options, including Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow, Trust Wallet, etc. However, for this tutorial, we’ll be using MetaMask, as this is the most recognizable and well-known Web3 wallet provider! 

As such, if you don’t already have MetaMask, head on over to their website and click on ”Download” at the bottom left: 

Visiting the MetaMask homepage and clicking on the Download button

Once the download completes, add MetaMask as a browser extension: 

Arrow pointing at the Add to Chrome button

From there, you’ll be taken to the following page, where you need to select the ”Create a new wallet” alternative to set up your MetaMask account: 

Clicking on Create a New Wallet via the MetaMask admin UI

After creating a MetaMask account, you should now find yourself on a page looking something like this: 

MetaMask Admin UI Wallet page

That’s it; from here, you’re now ready to add and switch to the Holesky testnet! 

Step 2: Add and Switch to the Holesky Testnet 

Adding and switching your MetaMask network to Holesky is super easy. All you have to do is visit ””, scroll down, and click on the ”Add Holesky Test Network” button:

Switching to the Holesky testnet in MetaMask

Doing so will prompt your MetaMask account, allowing you to approve a message for adding and switching to the Holesky testnet:

Approving network switch in MetaMask

Once you’re done, MetaMask should now look something like this: 

Confirmation of Holesky network Testnet in MetaMask

Furthermore, if you want to add the Holesky testnet manually to your Web3 wallet, you can do so using the following network details: 

Holesky Testnet Details
Network name:Holesky Test Network
Chain ID:17000
Currency symbol:ETH
Block explorer URL (optional):

From here, you’re now ready to use a Holesky faucet to get free testnet tokens! 

Step 3: Use a Holesky Faucet to Get Free Tokens 

For the third step, head over to Moralis’ testnet faucets page, click on the ”See faucet list” button, and hit ”Try Now” for the Holesky alternative:

Accessing Holesky faucet page

Doing so takes you to the Holesky faucet, where you simply need to follow the instructions. In return, you’ll receive a small amount of ETH for the Holesky testnet, which you can use in your development endeavors to build and test dapps! 

That’s it! Getting Holesky testnet funds from a crypto faucet doesn’t have to be more challenging than that when working with Moralis. If you want to explore other valuable tools that make Web3 development significantly more accessible, join us in the next section as we explore Moralis’ capabilities further! 

Beyond Holesky Faucets – Introducing Moralis 

Having acquired the skills to utilize a Holesky faucet, you’re now ready to use your tokens to build dapps and other projects. And if you have the ambition to venture into Web3 development in any capacity, then we highly recommend exploring Moralis! 

Moralis is an industry-leading Web3 API provider, and with our premier interfaces, you get everything you need to build blockchain-based projects faster and more efficiently! 

Graphic art illustration - Moralis and Holesky testnet development

Moralis’ extensive suite of Web3 APIs comprises premier development tools such as the NFT API, Wallet API, Blockchain API, and many others. Consequently, when working with Moralis, you get everything you need to build decentralized exchanges (DEXs), NFT marketplaces, or any other platforms you can imagine.

So, what makes our APIs the best in the business? 

  • Scalability: Moralis’ Web3 APIs offer unparalleled scalability. Consequently, as your projects grow, you don’t have to worry, as Moralis will have no trouble handling the traffic. 
  • Top Performance: It doesn’t matter if you want to measure by reliability, speed, or any other metric; Moralis’ Web3 APIs continuously blow the competition out of the water. 
  • Cross-Chain Compatible: Moralis’ APIs support all the biggest blockchains, including Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Arbitrum, Solana, and many others. 
Showing supported blockchain networks using Moralis

If you want to explore all our premier interfaces, please check out the Web3 API page! 

Furthermore, in addition to industry-leading Web3 APIs, Moralis offers other premier tools you’ll likely find helpful. And a great example is the Web3 Wiki

The Web3 Wiki is a prominent dapp store you can use to discover new projects, tools, and other platforms. For example, this tool features a top crypto faucet list containing many prominent crypto faucet sites for multiple testnets. 

Also, did you know that you can access these tools for free? As such, sign up with Moralis today. You have nothing to lose! 

Summary: How to Get Free Holesky Testnet Funds

In today’s article, we kicked things off by exploring the Holesky testnet. In doing so, we learned that it – along with Sepolia – is one of Ethereum’s central testnets that haven’t been deprecated. This means that it’s actively being maintained by client developers, ensuring it remains a safe and accurate testing environment. 

Furthermore, we also dove into the intricacies of Holesky faucets, where we discovered that they are websites, applications, and other platforms distributing small amounts of testnet tokens. Web3 developers commonly use tools like these to get testnet funds for free. From there, they can then use these tokens to pay for gas fees when building dapps and other projects. 

From there, we also showed you how to get free Holesky testnet funds in three simple steps: 

  1. Get an Ethereum-Compatible Wallet
  2. Add and Switch to the Holesky Testnet
  3. Use a Holesky Faucet to Get Free Tokens

As such, if you have followed along this far, you now know how to get free Holesky testnet tokens without breaking a sweat! 

If you liked this Holesky faucet tutorial, consider checking out additional content here on the Web3 blog. For example, explore the ins and outs of cryptocurrency exchange development or learn about Web3 as a service.

Also, if you want to build Web3 projects yourself, don’t forget to sign up with Moralis. You can create an account for free, and you’ll gain immediate access to all our Web3 APIs so you can start building dapps faster and more efficiently!

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