November 6, 2023

Base Faucet – How to Get Free BASE Crypto Testnet Funds 

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Base Faucet Art Image - Physcial Faucet Depicted as a Testnet Faucet for the Base Network

Today’s tutorial will show you how to get free Base Goerli testnet funds using a Base faucet. If you want to get straight into the action, here’s a quick three-step breakdown of how it works: 

  • Step 1 – Set Up MetaMask: Set up MetaMask and create a wallet. 
  • Step 2 – Add the Base Goerli Network: Go to ””, scroll down, and add the testnet to your MetaMask account by clicking on the ”Add Base Goerli Network” button: 
https-// landing page
  • Step 3 – Aquire Tokens Using a Base Faucet: Go to Moralis’ testnet faucets page by hitting the green ”Get Free Testnt Funds” button at the top of this article. From there, scroll down and click on the ”Try Now” button for the Base faucet: 
Base faucet landing page and the Get Base Faucet Funds button

Doing so takes you to the following page, where you simply need to input your wallet address and hit ”Claim” to get your free testnet tokens:  

Base faucet page and the Claim button

And that’s it; getting testnet tokens through a Base faucet doesn’t have to be more challenging than that. However, if you want a more detailed tutorial on how this works, join us in this article as we dive deeper into each step outlined above! 

Also, if you want to build Web3 projects on the Base network, consider checking out Moralis. Moralis offers a suite of industry-leading Web3 APIs, including the Price API, NFT API, and many others. With these premier interfaces, you can build Base projects faster and more efficiently. As such, take this opportunity to sign up with Moralis for free today! 


In today’s article, we’ll jump right into it and kick things off by showing you the easiest way to get free Base testnet funds using a Base faucet. After the tutorial, we’ve included a few sections for exploring the Base network. In those sections, we explain what Base is, what you can build on the network, etc. From there, we’ll explore what a Base faucet is and explain how a testnet faucet works. Lastly, to top things off, we’ll introduce you to Moralis – the ultimate Web3 API provider giving you everything you need to build sophisticated projects on the Base blockchain! 

Moralis Logo plus Moralis Title - Art Image

So, if you’re unfamiliar with Base, we recommend starting with the ”What is Base? – The Base Network Explained” section. Otherwise, if you want to get straight into the main topic, join us below as we show you how to get free testnet funds using a Base faucet in three steps! 

How to Get Free BASE Testnet Funds Using a Base Faucet in 3 Steps 

In this section, we’ll jump straight into the main topic and provide you with a comprehensive tutorial on how to get testnet funds using a Base faucet in three straightforward steps:

  1. Set Up a Web3 Wallet
  2. Add the Base Testnet
  3. Acquire Tokens Using a Base Faucet

In the first step of this tutorial, we’ll show you how to set up a Web3 wallet. Now, if you already have one, feel free to skip the initial part and immediately jump into the second step. 

Otherwise, join us below as we kick things off by showing you how to set up a Base-compatible Web3 wallet! 

Step 1: Set Up a Web3 Wallet 

The first thing you’re going to need is a Base-compatible Web3 wallet. You have many options here, including Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, etc. However, for this tutorial, we’ll be using MetaMask, as this is the largest and most popular wallet provider.

So, the first thing you need to do is visit the MetaMask website and click on the ”Download” button at the bottom left: 

MetaMask Website and the Install MetaMask Extension button

From there, add the extension to your browser: 

Chrome extension store with the Add MetaMask button

After adding the MetaMask extension, you’ll find yourself on the following page:  

MetaMask Get Started Landing Page UI

Here, you need to click on ”Create a new wallet” and follow the instructions to set up a new MetaMask account.

That’s it; you now have your own MetaMask wallet and can add the Base Goerli testnet to your account. And we’ll show you exactly how to do it in the next step! 

Step 2: Add the Base Testnet 

The easiest way to add the Base Goerli testnet to your MetaMask account is to visit ”” and click on the ”Add Base Goerli Network” button at the bottom: 

https-// landing page and the Add Base Testnet Button

Clicking on this button will prompt your MetaMask wallet, where you initially need to approve a message and then switch to the Base Goerli testnet: 

Showing how to swtich to the Base testnet in MetaMask

If everything worked as intended, you should now be connected to the Base Goerli testnet: 

Confirmation in MetaMask - Connected to Base Testnet

Also, if you’re using another wallet provider or would like to add it manually, then here are the network details for the Base Goerli testnet:  

Base Goerli Testnet
Network name:Base Goerli 
Chain ID:84531
Currency symbol:ETH
Block explorer URL (optional): 

Step 3: Acquire Tokens Using a Base Faucet 

For the last step, start by copying your wallet address. If you’re using MetaMask, you can use the copy button at the top of the interface to do so: 

Copying Base Testnet MetaMask Address

With the wallet address at hand, head on over to Moralis’ crypto faucets page, scroll down, and click on ”Try Now” for the Base faucet alternative:

Try Now button on the Base Faucet Moralis Page

Doing so takes you to the following page, where you simply need to input your wallet address and hit ”Claim”: 

Base Testnet Faucet landing page with the Claim button

In return, you should now have been rewarded a small amount of Base Goerli testnet tokens in your wallet: 

Showing successful deposit of Base funds in MetaMask wallet

Congratulations! You now know how to get testnet tokens using a Base faucet in three simple steps! 

From here, you can now use your recently acquired funds to build and test your Base projects safely and securely! 

What is Base? – The Base Network Explained 

Base launched on the ninth of August 2023, and it’s Coinbase’s Ethereum layer-2 (L2) blockchain network. Furthermore, the network was developed with the mission of bringing in the next billion users to Web3. At its core, we find a system built to increase the scalability and efficiency of existing networks! 

Base Official Website

So, why should you build on Base? To answer this question, let’s explore the benefits of this network! 

  • Secured by Ethereum: Since Base is an L2 network, it leverages the underlying security of the Ethereum blockchain. As a result, you can use Base to build Web3 projects securely while simultaneously benefiting from the scalability capabilities of an L2 solution.
  • Empowered by Coinbase: Coinbase is incubating Base, and through this integration, you can seamlessly implement fiat onramps, leverage powerful acquisition tools, and much more. 
  • Low Transaction Fees: Being an L2 solution, the Base network is able to boast significantly lower transaction fees compared to other blockchains like Ethereum. 
  • Open Source: Base also aims to be fully decentralized, permissionless, and entirely open source. 

That covers some prominent advantages of building projects on Base. Let’s now explore some examples of what you can do on the network! 

What Can You Do on the Base Network? 

There are a lot of things you can do and build on the Base network, and here are a few prominent examples: 

  • Develop Decentralized Applications (Dapps): The architecture of Base allows you, as a developer, to build sophisticated dapps, including DEXs, wallet management tools, NFT platforms, and much more.
  • Explore Dapps: Even though the network is relatively new, Base already hosts a vast ecosystem of dapps that you can explore. 
  • Bridge Tokens: Base removes some of the usual hurdles for people looking to interact with blockchain networks by allowing you to bridge tokens from other chains effortlessly. 
Base, Ethereum, Avalanche, and BNB Smart Chain Art image

Does Base Have Its Own Native Token? 

The Base network doesn’t currently have a native token. And according to Coinbase, they have no plans to issue one either. So, how do you pay for transactions on the Base blockchain? Well, Base uses ETH as its native gas token! 

Also, it’s worth noting that Coinbase has issued warnings about the potential of fake tokens emerging, which you should avoid interacting with to dodge scam coins. 

What is the Base Goerli Testnet? 

As with all major blockchain networks, you must pay gas fees when interacting with Base. And although the Base network boasts low transaction fees, it doesn’t make sense to test dapps and protocol upgrades directly on the mainnet. Fortunately, this is where testnets – such as Base Goerli – take the stage! 

Code components of the Base Testnet

Base Goerli, along with Base Sepolia, is one of the central testnets of the Base ecosystem. These networks are identical replicas of the Base mainnet, providing safe and secure environments for building and testing dapps and protocol upgrades. Moreover, all testnets feature their own tokens, which you can acquire entirely for free using faucets. As such, they provide a more economically friendly alternative than developing directly on the mainnet of various blockchains, where you need to commit real-world assets. 

But what exactly is a Base Goerli faucet? And how do they work? For the answer to these queries, join us in the following section as we explore the ins and outs of Base faucets!  

What is a Base Faucet? 

A Base faucet is typically a web-based application that allows you to get free Base Goerli or Sepolia tokens. Moreover, Base faucets usually feature minimal and straightforward user interfaces where you input a wallet address, click a button, and get a small number of testnet tokens. Here’s an example of what a Base faucet might look like: 

Showing the Base Faucet Landing Page with official information

However, a major issue with testnet faucets, in general, is finding legitimate and easy-to-use alternatives. In many instances, they require tweet verifications or that you sign up, which can quickly become bothersome when developing dapps. Fortunately, this is why we created our crypto faucets page! 

Moralis Faucet Page - Showing all available faucets

Our faucets page contains a curated list of pure faucets. There is no sign-up nonsense, no tweet verifications required, and no BS. And the list includes faucets for ten+ testnets, and here are a few examples: 

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re building on Ethereum, Solana, Arbitrum, or any other blockchain network; you can use Moralis’ crypto faucets page to get free testnet tokens! 

Easiest Way to Build on Base 

Now that you know what Base is and how to use a faucet to get testnet funds for this network, the next step is to start building. And if this is your ambition, then you’ll most definitely want to check out Moralis. 

Moralis is an industry-leading Web3 API provider, and with our enterprise-grade interfaces, Web3 development becomes as easy as Web2! 

Moralis Official Landing Page

Our extensive Web3 API suite provides everything you need to develop NFT marketplaces, portfolio apps, DEXs, etc. And thanks to the accessibility of these tools, you can build faster and smarter, allowing you to save both development time and resources! 

What’s more, our APIs are cross-chain compatible. Consequently, when working with Moralis, you can build dapps on multiple networks using the same tools. Some supported networks include Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, Solana, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and many others. 

Here are a few examples of some of our most prominent APIs: 

  • Price API
  • Wallet API
  • Blockchain API
  • Market Data API

To explore these tools further, please check out our Web3 API page!

Summary: Base Faucet – How to Get Free Base Crypto Testnet Funds 

In today’s article, we showed you how to get free testnet funds using a Base faucet in three simple steps: 

  1. Set Up a Web3 Wallet
  2. Add the Base Testnet
  3. Acquire Tokens Using a Base Faucet

As such, if you have followed along this far, you now know how to effortlessly get testnet funds that you can use in your Base development endeavors! 

If you liked this Base faucet tutorial, consider checking out more content here on the blog. For instance, learn how to build on Solana and EVM or explore our Gnosis API and Chiliz API! Also, if you want free access to our development tools, don’t forget to sign up with Moralis. You can create an account for free, and you’ll be able to leverage the full potential of blockchain technology immediately! 

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